A Pup That Could Barely Walk Became a Great Dog Thanks to the Love and Support of His Family

2 years ago

Some people believe in fate and others in chance, but many believe in the power of love and how it can save anything no matter how hard it seems. And this is even more so when we’re talking about a cheerful, playful, and courageous type of love, like the one you can feel for an adorable puppy. When that happens, there’s a lot to believe in that will give you the strength to help a pup in need.

This is exactly what happened in this story that Bright Side wants to share with you. It’s an extraordinary adoption story of a family who decided to be the first home to give a chance to a puppy no one wanted to place their bets on. And in exchange, they received the most loving, courageous puppy of all time.

The name of the cute little pup you see in the pic above is Hugo, and he was born with a disease called “swimmer puppy syndrome.” As complicated as this sounds, it’s actually a neurological problem that usually only very small dogs suffer from. Basically, it prevents them from moving their little limbs.

Unfortunately, when his previous owners found that out, they have abandoned Hugo at a shelter. But that wasn’t for long, since that was where he was rescued by the family-owned Tucker Farm, in Tucker, Georgia. The couple who runs it usually shelters dogs in need temporarily. Most often their furry guests require special treatments or physical rehabilitation therapies that normally no one wants to pay for.

But thanks to this family, Hugo had a chance to lead a normal life, and not only that, but he also got to be surrounded by a loving family that would take care of him. Thanks to the effort the entire family put in to help, the seemingly hopeless pup began a promising path to physical rehabilitation. The first step was to practice some mobility exercises on land to strengthen his paw and leg muscles. Then, he started swimming.

Living with other dogs also helped him become more confident and try to imitate their movements. The pack at Tucker Farm was always good and kind to the little guy.

But unfortunately, a puppy who suffers from swimmer syndrome needs a lot of care, sometimes even specialized care. What encouraged him to go forward was his loving family and his own good attitude and the desire he had to walk and run like all others dogs.

Within a few months, Hugo was able to stand on all 4 legs, climb steps, keep up with his doggy friends, and even take long walks around the area with his friends and foster family.

And, finally, the moment we were all expecting arrived. Hugo was completely rehabilitated. Not only did he become a strong and agile dog, but also a loyal and noble companion. The family was happy with his progress and the way he faced one of the hardest challenges a dog could face.

However, they were sad at the same time, because they knew it was time for Hugo to find a family that would give him all the attention and love he deserved — this time for good.

For a few weeks, they searched for the ideal family, one that was responsible, loving, and compassionate. They even opened a special Facebook account for the sake of this search called Go Hugo Go.

Hugo’s story went viral, and he has already traveled the world as a hopeful example for puppies born with the same condition as him, and, most importantly, as proof that when you love others, anyone can achieve great goals no matter how hard they seem.

What do you think are the advantages of adopting a dog? Why is responsible adoption a good idea?

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