A Spanish Artist Draws Before and After Pics to Show Situations We’ve All Been In

4 years ago

An illustrator from Spain, Nacho Diaz Arjona, has the unique ability to show the everyday situations we all encounter with an exceptional sense of humor, and his collection of before-after pics is just more proof of that. More than 500,000 followers have already fallen in love with his simple, but interesting drawings that hit you right in the heart. Naolito (that’s the nickname he uses) also has his own site, where he offers his followers the chance to buy various products with his sweet characters on them.

We at Bright Side found ourselves in each of the pics drawn by Naolito and want to give you a chance to look at them too.

What a relief!

Grandma please, I’m full!

Just the dead ends!!

Hi puberty! Hi acne!

Do you also do this?

Not on my head, please!

That feeling when you sleep well after an exhausting day

Payday is like spring for our wallets!

Happy holidays, everyone!

“I still prefer a natural look though.”

“I feel so old...”

When you party too hard:

You know that feeling...

Beard, beard go away!

Do I look skinnier?

Sometimes even coffee is not enough...

Other times, it is more than enough...

When you only have 10 days to get tan:

Shine bright like a diamond!

All you can eat!

No filter though

I believe I can fly!

Sushi story

“It’s always like the first day for me.”

Which of these illustrations did you recognize yourself in? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit naolito / Instagram


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I TOTALLY relate to these pics. Especially the avocado one. And that they are so cute and funny too!!! ~ OwO ~


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