A Street Artist Creates 3D Graffiti That Blurs the Line Between Art and Reality, and It’s More Than Impressive

3 years ago

Graffiti isn’t always just about paintings on walls. Would you like to see a picture that is brought to life right before your eyes? Sergio Odeith, a street artist from Lissabon, draws illustrations that literally come alive. Thanks to his talent and skills, he often works with such brands as Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Shell.

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Sergio Odeith started to get acquainted with graffiti in 1990 in Lissabon. Like most street artists, he used to create illustrations illegally. Later, he became preoccupied with 3D graphics that he called somber 3D technique: the combination of composition, perspective, details, and shadows created realistic pictures that looked as if they were floating in the air in front of the wall.

Many artists who use this technique usually draw “hovering” words (or phrases) and abstractions. Sergio has such works too.

But he became extremely popular thanks to his incredible insects, spiders, and works that make you feel like you’re in a virtual reality.

People who are afraid of spiders are recommended to scroll through the next few pictures.

Some of his works resemble scenes from movies or computer games.

About the process:

3D pictures from different angles

Bonus: Can you imagine a street artist that avoids social implications in their works?

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Now, this is 3D street art! He has an amazing talent. Don't you think?

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