A Woman Asked If Her Husband Is Right Asking Her to Hide Her Sanitary Pads and Other Men Joined the Discussion

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2 months ago

A woman went on vacation with her husband and his friend. The first days of the holiday were spoiled by their quarrel. And all because the woman got her period. The husband and the wife couldn’t decide who was right among them, so they asked social media users to help them with this. The discussions were so heated in the comments that the admins had to lock the thread.

So, this is what happened:

“My husband (30 y.o.), his friend (30 y.o.), and I are currently on vacation, sharing a rented apartment with just one bathroom. Yesterday, I got my period and bought some pads. I left them on the bathroom counter in a semi-sheer bag, where they weren’t even visible. However, my husband thought this was inappropriate,” wrote the woman.

The husband said that this would make his friend uncomfortable, knowing that someone in the apartment is bleeding. She argued that menstruation is a natural process and should not be considered gross or dirty. She said that women shouldn’t be shamed or stigmatized because of it, as this has historically caused women to suffer.

“With that logic, I asked him if we should hide the toilet paper too,” the woman added. “My husband didn’t respond, but I’m still wondering if I was in the wrong for leaving the pads this way.”

Many users supported the woman. There were a lot of sarcastic comments:

After reading this, the husband said that his wife was supported only by other women, so men stepped in:

  • As a male, the view of my girlfriend’s pads in the open create only one reaction for me: I need to go buy chocolate, ice cream, and we’re watching movies every day for a week. © Flashbinder / Reddit
  • I bought a pack of pads years ago just in case someone would need them. What I didn’t realize is that I got the biggest, thickest, apparently most undesirable type possible. It’s been like 10 years with many house parties, never been touched. I leave them there as a mark of dishonor and good intentions gone bad. © BetweenWeebandOtaku / Reddit
  • I, a man, carry them in my bag as part of my first aid kit because one time there was an emergency and my significant other needed one and didn’t have one. So if that ever happens again, I will be ready. © motnock / Reddit

Women were mad about the husband’s request:

  • The husband said, “I don’t care about the opinion of my wife or thousands of women on Reddit, I need the opinion of random men on whether my wife should hide her menstrual product for my friend’s comfort.” Divorce. No babies. Goodbye. © PierogiesNPositivity / Reddit

Do you think women should hide their sanitary products and their period in general?


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