A Woman Finds a Squirrel With Long Curly Teeth and Takes Him to Save His Life

5 years ago

A passionate animal lover from Barrhead named Jannet found a squirrel with unusually long and curved teeth which prevented it from eating food normally. The animal looked too skinny and had a small chance of surviving much longer so Jannet decided to help him.

At Bright Side, we love animals so much and we’re excited to share another story about an unusual animal and his happy ending. Don’t miss our bonus at the end of the article — it will show you how cute squirrels can be.

While doing some work around her yard this past summer, Jannet Talbott noticed a little squirrel struggling to eat some food from the bird feeder. The squirrel had something sticking out of his mouth.

After taking a closer look, Jannet saw that those were overgrown teeth curling backward and preventing the squirrel from eating normally. Basically, squirrels’ teeth should get ground down by nuts and tree bark but it didn’t happen in the case of this animal. The poor guy obviously needed some help and Jannet decided to give him a hand.

She took the squirrel home and called him Bucky. The woman found out that an incorrect bite was causing the incisors to grow long. She then learned how to trim a squirrel’s teeth by watching various tutorials on Youtube.

Jannet took a standard cuticle trimmer and trimmed the squirrel’s incisors. Bucky stayed calm during the procedure, perhaps feeling that whatever was happening was happening for good.

After everything had been done, Jannet released Bucky and was glad to see that he was able to eat whole peanuts. She was also happy to see the squirrel sharpening his incisors on a tree — just the way it should be.

Bonus: These pics don’t have Jannet in them but we thought they were worth posting just to show you how cute squirrels can be.

Did you like the story? Isn’t it inspiring? We’d be happy to hear your opinion on this in the comments!

Preview photo credit pexels.com, pexels.com


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