A Woman Rescues a Lost Puppy During 26 Miles Marathon, and It Turned Their Lives Around

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Imagine that you have spent several weeks or months preparing for a marathon run. Its distance is about 26.2 miles long so you have clearly put a great deal of effort and time into it. And now think about the reasons that could make you put this event on the back burner. If nothing came to your mind, read this story that happened to a woman from Bangkok and her decision that made us gasp.

Bright Side dashed away some happy tears after reading this story. We want you to know that there is always a place for kindness in this world.

This race started like any other for Khemjira Klongsanan. She’d covered about 7 miles when she suddenly noticed a tiny fur ball without a mother or owner nearby. She was afraid that the puppy had been lost or abandoned and decided to take it with her. Meanwhile, 19 miles of track were still ahead of her.

Khemjira would not give the puppy to other people she was passing by because she wanted to be sure that he stayed safe. This is why they crossed the finish line together, the woman and the dog she had just found alone in a somewhat dangerous environment.

Khemjira admits that it was a big challenge for her. “It was twice as tiring as a normal marathon. But I did it anyway because he’s so adorable.”

She did not want to make a mistake and decided to check to be sure that there was no one missing him. But it seemed that the puppy was really alone. And the simple decision was made. The lucky pup got a home and a loving family with 2 other dogs.

Khemjira noted that she took plenty of time to take the puppy for checkups and vaccinations, saying “I’m glad to save him and willing to have him in the family.”

But Khemjira did not give up on the idea that there could be a dog mother or other puppies in need. So after all of the pup’s treatments at the vet they returned back to the place where he was found. They couldn’t find any other animals and the rescuer finally added, “I’m sure he is going to be happy living with us.”

Have you ever rescued an animal? We’re curious to know about your heroic deeds. And do not forget to share this article with your friends — the world has to see this!


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