Adam Sandler Mistakenly Accepts “Sexiest Man Alive” Award, Gives a Hilarious Speech

2 months ago

Imagine receiving an award, only to find out it’s not the one you expected. That’s exactly what happened to Adam Sandler at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards, where he was honored with something else but thought he was being honored with the title “Sexiest Man Alive”. His speech is the funniest thing you’ll hear all week.

Adam Sandler receives the People’s Icon Award.

At the 2024 People’s Choice Awards, Adam Sandler was honored with the prestigious People’s Icon Award, celebrating his iconic roles in comedy and his significant contributions to the film industry. The award was presented to him by his friend Jennifer Aniston, in a touching tribute that highlighted Sandler’s talent and influence.

A humorous acceptance speech that will forever be iconic.

During his acceptance speech, Sandler humorously joked about a “miscommunication” regarding another award, leading him to prepare a speech for the “Sexiest Man Alive” title instead. He playfully claimed the title for himself, much to the amusement of the audience. Sandler’s speech was filled with his trademark humor, as he thanked the “academy members of hotness and sexual attractiveness” for recognizing him in such a humorous manner.

“My name is Adam Sandler and I am the sexiest man alive, can I get a hell yeah?” he said reading from his pre-written speech he kept holding. “I am trying to be gracious, PEOPLE Magazine, but I have to admit three words keep popping into my head right now: “It’s about freaking time! For decades, Adam Sandler has been waiting patiently on the sexy bench,” he joked.

He thanked his family most sweetly.

Cherishing the ones he loves the most, Adam continued, “My daughters, Sadie and Sunshine, not a minute goes by without me thinking of and how much I love you, you’re my best friends and my darling wife Jackie, you are my partner for life. I love every car ride and every kiss we’ve ever had, forever and ever my girl.” Jackie, who was Adam’s date to the event, was seen smiling through tears in audience during his speech.

Adam and Jackie’s love is one for the books. Read about their adorable story here.

Preview photo credit NBC / Youtube


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