Amber Heard and Her Daughter Are Now Happy in Another Country After “Quitting” Hollywood

9 months ago

Actress Amber Heard, following a turbulent period in the spotlight, has reportedly decided to leave Hollywood behind and start a new chapter in a new country. The actress welcomed her daughter via surrogacy two years ago and recently made the decision to raise her away from the noise.

Amber relocated to Spain.

Amber Heard’s friend recently shed light on her decision to leave Hollywood and relocate to Spain with her little daughter. The friend shared that Amber feels comfy there as she knows the language: “She’s bilingual in Spanish and is happy there, raising her daughter away from all the noise”. On the actress’s plans to get back to acting they said: “I don’t think she is in any hurry to return to work or to Hollywood, but she will probably come back when the time is right, for the right project.”

Reports indicate that the actress sold her California home last year, and she has since been spending a significant amount of time in Madrid.

Now the actress focuses on motherhood.

Since her departure from Hollywood, Amber Heard has chosen to dedicate her time to raising her two-year-old daughter. In recent times the paparazzi constantly spot the actress spending time with her daughter and she seems really happy. The 37-year-old Heard seemed cheerful as she graciously posed for photos with fans who approached her. She really enjoys her new life: “I love Spain so much. I hope I can get to stay here, I love living here.”

While Heard’s decision to move to Spain may come as a surprise to her fans, it appears that she has found contentment in living a more private and peaceful life away from the public spotlight. Whether she will eventually return to Hollywood remains uncertain, but for now, Heard is embracing her life in Spain and finding joy in being a mother.

Numerous women may find themselves becoming single parents due to a separation from their partner or as a personal choice. Despite the attention surrounding the concept of being a single mom, it requires considerable effort and love to raise a child independently. So Amber’s choice to raise a child in peace away from the noise seems quite a reasonable decision.


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yeah I would like to witness that bilingualism of hers xD I've known many people from abroad here in Spain who claim to be bilingual and they weren't able to make themselves understood beyond the basic sentences! but then of course expect us to deliver native English


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