A Man Claims He Hasn’t Slept for the Past Six Decades, and Had Everyone Baffled

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How many nights have you tried to stay awake studying or working? We all know how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep, especially when we wake up early in the morning to do our daily work. Well, some «lucky» people can live without sleep. This is the case of a farmer named Thai Ngoc who claims to have gone more than 60 years without sleep and that it does not affect his daily life in any way. Yes, this farmer certainly deserves to be in the Guinness World Records.

Over the years, this Vietnamese man has been in the media spotlight in his home country, as the importance of sleep in maintaining a healthy life is indisputable. Most people cannot go even a day without at least a few hours of sleep. However, this man who’s in his 80s now has claimed that he has spent the last sixty years without sleep and that this has not been a problem for his health, indeed he looks very healthy.

Since Thai Ngoc has not sought medical or scientific help to address his condition, the only people who can confirm this reality are those close to him. His wife, children, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances have all stated that they have never seen him sleep. «I don’t know if the lack of sleep has affected my health or not, but I still feel fine and can do farming chores normally like others,» he told Vietnamese media outlet Thanh Niên News in an interview.

When Thai was 20 years old, he suffered from an intense fever that left serious after-effects on his body, one of them being an unusual inability to sleep. The farmer has revealed that he has tried various medicines, home remedies, and the most varied techniques and tricks, but to no avail.

Although in his youth he believed that his insomnia would be temporary, the condition has persisted for six decades. In his home country, Thai Ngoc is considered a unique miracle. However, according to some medical sources, there is a possibility that the octogenarian is sleeping in small amounts without being aware of it.

«Some people suffering from insomnia have difficulty distinguishing between being awake and being asleep, meaning the man may experience brief periods of sleep during the day without being aware of it. These power naps may be enough to keep him functioning,» explained Dr Vikas Wadhwa of Sleep Services Australia.

The truth is that, even with short power naps, going 60 years without a full night’s sleep seems impossible for the average person.

Many factors can lead to insomnia and, although its consequences are also many, moodiness must be one of the most common in all cases. Fortunately, there are many resources we can try to get a good night’s sleep.


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