20 Moody Animals We’d Rush to Console Right Now

3 years ago

Grumpy animals make us want to give them the world and immediately make them happy. There’s just something about their moodiness that we can’t resist! Whether it’s your cat being upset about not fitting in its favorite hiding spot or your dog being sad that its favorite toy has been ruined, it will never stop being both funny and adorable.

Bright Side usually prefers happy faces over grumpy ones, but when they’re animals — we just can’t resist them. So here are 20 of them for you to enjoy.

1. “My cat is upset she has to wear a cone since it makes it hard for her to hide in her favorite spot.”

2. “That’s not the toy I asked for!”

3. Earl looks so unimpressed with us.

4. “My friend’s new kitty might be the reincarnation of Grumpy Cat.”

5. We bet this bunny also rolled its eyes at her.

6. “Stop annoying me, human. I didn’t break your vase!”

7. His name is Grumpy Frankie and it really suits him.

8. “I am not in the mood for games, human.”

9. “My dog woke me up, clearly upset, in the pitch black. I turned on the light and saw this.”

10. “I had a bad day at work.”

11. “My box doesn’t fit anymore.”

12. How to be both adorable and angry:

13. “Are you taking pictures of me again?”

14. “Feed me, human — or else!”

15. “What do you mean there are no more treats?!”

16. “Sir, stop swinging that golf stick!”

17. This angry owl doesn’t want any company.

18. “She didn’t like her shave, so she hid in a box.”

19. “He was upset at my son for talking to me instead of petting him.”

20. “Repaired his favorite toy and now he’s not only unsatisfied with it, but he’s also extremely upset.”

Have you ever taken a grumpy photo of your pet? Please share it with us so we can try our best to make them feel better!

Preview photo credit shakycam3 / reddit


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