An Artist Creates Surreal Photo Manipulations That Are Both Creepy and Mesmerizing

4 years ago

A lot of artists and illustrators come up with some very astonishing, very strange, and very weird art. One such artist is Monica Carvalho whose Instagram page is full of eye-catching art pieces. We are certain they’ll put you into deep thought.

The Bright Side team had a tough time selecting the best pieces of her work, because all of them are extraordinary.

19. Is this drawing you in?

18. Here’s a Monday coffee for you.

17. Shut your eyes and see.

16. Spring is in the hair.

15. I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name.

14. Eye got you.

13. A forest for rest.

12. Anticlimactic Cough

11. I walk a lonely chord.

10. Acronym Anomaly

9. Once in a blue moon

8. Climate change does not respect borders.

7. Sometimes less is more.

6. Back To Square One

5. 79 Kilos

4. How much is it?

3. À Courte Vue

2. Winter warmer

1. Buy your tickets now

Weren’t all of the pictures so surreal? Which one amazed you the most? Please share in the comments section below.


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