An Artist From Italy Illustrates Her Life With Cats, and Her Works Are So True They Killed Us

4 years ago

We used to think that there was only one way to understand how fantastic cats were, and it was to see them with our own eyes and feel their fluffiness with our own hands. But there is a wizard who managed to change our opinion because she can transform any reality into a magic piece of art. And this is all about Italian painter Margherita Grasso. Each of her works — from jokes about naughty behavior to cute moments of love — will make you feel like you are in a fairytale full of purring and warm cuddling.

Bright Side is sure that you can relate to all 15 situations we picked for you!

15. Because sharing is caring.

14. “I thought we were friends.”

13. “Fluffy surprise!”

12. “May the best cat win.”

11. This is why you should never open the cat carrier in the car:

10. “I don’t like this song, let’s listen to ’The Lion Sleeps Tonight!’”

9. “Everyone has goals that seem unattainable.”

8. “So much to put up with in this family.”

7. “The calm before the storm”

6. “I have something more interesting than your silly book!”

5. When your cat doesn’t care about personal boundaries:

4. Meooga, part I

3. Meooga, part II

2. “The endless charm of the closet”

1. Here is an ideal combination for purrfect dreams.

Which pictures made you want to go and snuggle with your cat?


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best and worst thing about cats is when you try to work or read and they randomly decide they really need some attention from you, so they come and start to annoy you. Any other time they don't acre and even don't let you touch them ?


When I get my own house soon I want to have cats as a companion. Well 1 is enough


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