An Artist Imagines Disney Parents Sharing Their Daughters’ Big Days

3 years ago

A wedding day is one of the most touching moments in a person’s life, and sharing joy and tears of happiness with parents and future spouses can take anyone’s breath away. Though we all are well aware of each Disney character’s love story, still, we rarely see their wedding days. A Russia-based artist named Oksana Zolotareva Pashenko decided to fantasize about this topic and created a series of pictures with Disney princesses sharing their big days with their parents. The most interesting thing is that even parents who’ve passed away (which is why they’re depicted in semi-transparent mode) are present in her pics.

We at Bright Side are in love with Oksana’s Instagram page where she already has more than 55,000 followers. With the author’s permission, we’re sharing Disney princesses’ (and non-princesses) biggest days shared with their parents. The bonus at the end will show you that it’s not only good girls who get married.

Cinderella with her mom and dad at her wedding

Belle with her mom and dad at her wedding

Ariel with her mom and dad at her wedding

Aurora with her mom and dad at her wedding

Bright Side illustrators also decided to join in on this idea and portrayed other Disney girls’ wedding days.


Anna and Elsa





Snow White

Bonus: Cruella at her wedding with her bridesmaids, Maleficent, Ursula, and the Evil Queen!

Whose wedding look impressed you the most? Maybe you’d like to share your wedding day look with us too!


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Why Ariel's parents stay? It should've been somewhere in the ocean


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