An Artist Reinvented Iconic Artwork Featuring Her Chubby Cat and They’re Priceless

3 years ago

Svetlana Petrova is a Russian artist who has become famous around the world for featuring Zarathustra, her huge ginger cat, in famous works of art like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Vincent van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night. It all started when a friend asked Svetlana why she didn’t do artwork featuring her cat. Back at that time, she was suffering from a bit of a rough patch in terms of inspiration, so she figured she’d give it a try. The end result was charming for the artist, who did not hesitate to send her work to several acquaintances and friends. Then, one good day a friend of hers found that her cat was on the internet. In other words, Zarathustra had gone viral. Since then, Svetlana Petrova has recreated, together with her cat, about 150 famous masterpieces, which she has uploaded to her website since 2011. Later on, she included most of these works in her book Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude.

Bright Side was curious about the result of inserting a ginger cat into iconic and important art and created a list of 15 of Svetlana’s revamped masterpieces for you to appreciate her art as much as we do.

1. Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra, the perfect partners in crime

2. An Angel Playing the Lute, Melozzo da Forlì

3. Café Terrace at Night, Vincent van Gogh

4. The Scream, Edvard Munch

5. The Milkmaid, Johannes Vermeer

6. Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer

7. Las Meninas, Spanish for “The Ladies-in-waiting”, Diego Velázquez

8. The Two Fridas, Frida Kahlo

9. The Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci

10. American Gothic, Grant Wood

11. Irises, Vincent van Gogh

12. The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dalí

13. The Dancers, Fernando Botero

14. The Gleaners (Des glaneuses), Jean-François Millet

15. Almond Blossoms, Vincent van Gogh

Which of all the artist’s works did you like the most? Have you ever created something artistic with your pet? We’d love to see it!


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she literally showed how the modern art looks - just add a cat and you've reached the perfection


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