An Artist Draws With a Typewriter and Shows That There Is Always a Way to Create Beauty

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The world is full of creativity, but we’re certain that you haven’t seen art quite like this before. James Cook is an artist who makes awe-inspiring typewriter art; yes, you read that right! All he needs is a typewriter, and he can “draw” you, your pet, or anything else that comes to your mind. You can find his creations on his Instagram page.

1. “I am somewhere between a snake and a mongoose...and a panther.”

2. “The typewriter, on which the art was created, was used to process over 15,000 letters a year at Buckingham Palace.”

3. “Beethoven commission”

4. “A red pheasant”

5. “Florence the dog. Unfortunately, I never thought to ask for the breed, so your guess is as good as mine.”

6. “Commission typed with German syntax.”

7. “A Christmas gift to a son’s mother.”

8. “Oxford’s Radcliffe Camera building”

9. “A special commission done on a Silver reed 200 typewriter.”

10. “The Eiffel Tower; a recent commission typed on the Continental Portable”

11. “Peter Falk, a.k.a Columbo”

12. “Father and son”

13. “Row of Dutch Windmills at Kinderdijk with Tulip Flowers.”

14. “The fourth Doctor Who — Tom Baker.”

15. “Tower Bridge typed on-location.”

16. “One of the many things London’s famous for.”

17. “London scenery”

18. “A section of a panorama of the London skyline.”

19. “Tom Hanks”

20. “Back in ’82, I used to be able to throw pig skin a quarter mile. — Uncle Rico.”

Bonus: This is the skillful artist who created everything you just saw!

Which one of these impressed you most? Let us know. If you’re interested in a commission or his upcoming free-to-the-public exhibition in London, which will also include workshops, check out James’s website.

Preview photo credit EAST NEWS, jamescookartwork / Instagram


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These are AMAZING. Just one question. Why did you put a picture of Mozart next to your picture of Beethoven.?


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