Beautiful Friendships Between Cats and Dogs That Could Make Anyone Smile

3 years ago

We've all heard the expression, "fighting like cats and dogs" and have carried the stereotype in our subconscious mind that dogs and cats are enemies by default. But the furry creatures on our list prove that all stereotypes have exceptions and that dogs and cats can be the best of friends.

Here at Bright Side, we've selected these cute photos to help put a smile on your face. In some pictures, both participants seem to be quite comfortable with each other, and in others, they look a little confused. But either way, they're all super cute and cuddly!

1. "So, we got a kitten..."

2. "Which pet cemetery did you dig this thing out of?"

3. "We found a stray cat while fishing. She and my dog fell in love immediately. I think we have to keep her."

4. "And I was so concerned that they wouldn't get along."

5. "Shhh, the kitten is still sleeping!"

6. "Just be quiet."

7. "I'm watching your back, my friend."

8. "My cat is naughty and my dog is too nice to do anything about it."

9. "Come on, let's go for a ride!"

10. "Can you get this thing off me, pleeeaaase!!"

11. We all know who the boss is in this relationship.

12. "Well, apparently we're not the same species."

13. "I know, my cat is a jerk."

14. "Day 12 and they still suspect nothing."

15. "It's right behind me, isn't it?"

16. Besties forever

17. "Hello, strange-looking creature..."

18. "He's a very handy dog, I can wear his ear as a hat!"

19. That's how you win at hide and seek!

20. The perfect resting cushion

Are you one of those lucky people who have both a dog and a cat at home? Tell us about your furry family in the comments and show us your pictures!


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