Beauty Influencer Goes Viral for “Taping” Her Nose and Mouth Before Bed, and Here’s Why

2 months ago

In the digital realm where one’s appearance often takes center stage, New York-based influencer, Isabelle Lux, turned to TikTok to unveil her “anti-aging technique.” Despite boasting over half a million followers, the TikToker faced skepticism after posting her unconventional beauty tutorial.

The beauty influencer has stirred curiosity by sharing her nightly routine of giving herself what she calls a “mini nose job.” The TikToker, who boasts over half a million followers, faced skepticism after posting a tutorial on “nose taping.”

Accompanied by the hashtag, #reverseaging, Isabelle suggests that this simple technique, which utilizes affordable kinesiology tape typically used for sports injuries, might contribute to a more youthful look.

She elaborates on her technique, describing how she cuts the tape into small strips with different thicknesses. The narrower strips are applied beneath her nose to lift it, while the wider ones are placed across the nose bridge to shape a “button” appearance. Isabelle adds, “I personally like to create this shape because it makes a little button on my nose.”

Isabelle contends that the technique can enhance breathing by expanding the nostrils. Emphasizing its simplicity, she recommends applying the tape about an hour after skincare for better adherence, asserting that followers can shape their noses in any desired way using her method. She specifically advocates using tape on the nose bridge to reduce swelling, asserting, “You can do anything. Sky’s the limit.”

Numerous TikTok users have experimented with the trend, but skepticism about its effectiveness abounds. While nose taping is a common post-rhinoplasty practice, its efficacy is dubious in other contexts.

In addition to taping her nose, “mouth taping” seems to be part of her nightly routine too. “Taping your mouth is important to your breathing, to your face structure. It has completely transformed my sleep when I started using [the mouth tape],” she claims. “I tape my mouth shut every single night before I go to bed. Sleeping properly is really important to anti-aging and looking and feeling your best,” the TikToker adds.

Despite her enthusiasm, Isabelle’s video elicited a mix of skepticism and disdain from several TikTok users who commented on the post. One user bluntly stated, “To anyone watching this, nose taping DOES NOT reshape the nose and is not what it’s used for.” Similarly, another follower expressed disbelief, saying, “I refuse to believe this does anything.”

Another critic chimed in, stating, “That’s not how it works. You cannot reshape your nose without damaging it like surgery or breaking it and then getting it fixed.” A fourth commenter was unequivocal, declaring, “Guys, in case it isn’t obvious, this is 100% nonsense. Just a blatant scam. Shame on all these influencers.”

Amidst the skepticism, some users expressed bewilderment about Isabelle’s routine, with one person sensibly inquiring, “Do you get a red mark on your face in the morning?” A few other TikTok users seemed open to Isabelle’s method, with one stating, “I’ll have to try it.”

Furthermore, another TikToker, a 42-year-old mother, shared additional unconventional tips for achieving “everlasting youth.” The video she posted has garnered significant popularity among her followers.


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