Celebrity Bodyguards That Could Be on the Covers of Magazines

3 years ago

The personal bodyguards of celebrities have a never ending fight with the paparazzi that annoy them constantly. That's why, very often, bodyguards are the first to get captured by the cameras of photographers and sometimes they become the objects of everyone's attention. Some celebrity bodyguards are so good looking that they themselves get their own army of fans.

Bright Side collected 15 attractive celebrity bodyguards that could easily grace the cover of a famous fashion magazine.

15. The bodyguard of Kylie Jenner

Tim Chung is a personal bodyguard of the Kardashian - Jenner family. A while ago he worked for Kylie's sister Kim. Today it seems that the handsome policeman himself is becoming a star in the fashion industry. He has participated in many photo shoots and is even in a commercial for a famous car brand.

14. The bodyguard of Ezra Miller

The mysterious Ezra Miller couldn't hire someone normal. His personal protector, Gu Rubee, is famous for his extravagant style and doesn't miss an opportunity to show off in front of the cameras. It's difficult to imagine that he's a professional bodyguard with his bright character, his persona, and his wardrobe that attracts the attention of many fashionistas.

13. The bodyguard of Daniel Radcliffe

The attractive and tall blonde man who is always escorting the star of the Harry Potter movies is Daniel's bodyguard Sam. There is no other information about him and even the most avid fans of Daniel Radcliffe couldn't get any details about this guy. At least we can be sure that nothing will happen to the famous actor when he has such a serious bodyguard next to him.

12. The bodyguard of Heidi Klum

Martin Kirsten had been protecting the German supermodel and her 4 children for a long time and had often become the object of the paparazzi's attention. Today, this handsome guy has left his post as bodyguard for a position in wildlife protection.

11. The bodyguard of Beyoncé

Julius De Boer, bodyguard of the world famous singer Beyoncé, appears in paparazzi photos quite often. But he is not a simple bodyguard with big muscles. Julius speaks 5 languages and he established his own company providing personal bodyguard services. The offices of his company can be found in New York, Abu-Dhabi, and London. It seems we have just found the ideal man.

10. The bodyguard of Adele and Lady Gaga

Former Dutch policeman, Peter Van der Veen was awarded the title 'Mister Europe' in 2005 in a prestigious bodybuilding contest. A couple of years later, he left his job with the police to work as a bodyguard for celebrities. At first it was Adele who was using this blue-eyed handsome guy's services, and later Van der Veen was invited to protect the charismatic Lady Gaga.

9. The bodyguard of Fergie

Pascal Duvier has worked with many celebrities including the Kardashian-Jenner family, as well as, Katy Perry. Nowadays, this charismatic master of Judo is focused on protecting the ex-frontwoman of The Black Eyed Peas - Fergie. During some of her concerts, the singer even uses the broad shoulders of her bodyguard to go through the crowd while performing her songs.

8. The bodyguard of Bella Hadid

The mysterious blue-eyed bodyguard of Bella Hadid systematically diverts the attention of photographers to himself. And this is not surprising especially when he looks like a sibling of Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. Naturally, no fashion magazine missed this smartly dressed handsome guy - even Vogue magazine released a note about the new bodyguard of the model, who is always dressed very fashionably.

7. The bodyguards of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence always chooses handsome guys to protect her who will for sure be discussed by the media. At first it was the incredibly handsome Greg Lenz, afterward his place was taken by a very serious bodyguard with dark skin who is as attractive as the first one. How lucky you are, Jennifer!

6. The bodyguard of Jennifer Lopez

Recently Jennifer Lopez was protected by Anthony, this good-looking dark-haired man. And this is the perfect instance where the bodyguard is so cool that he could easily be mistaken for a movie star or a model.

5. The bodyguards of Justin Bieber

It seems that simply being a professional is not enough to become a part of the extensive protection team of this Canadian singer. Each of his bodyguards could themselves become models in the fashion industry. Even the guys who aren't his permanent bodyguards, but provide additional support at his concerts, are very attractive.

4. Udo Lindenberg and his female bodyguard

There have always been women in the security industry. German rock musician Udo Lindenberg decided that this gorgeous Amazon woman should be responsible for his security.

3. The bodyguard of Katy Perry

"That's a young Hugh Jackman" - is what everyone who has seen the bodyguard of this pop-celebrity exclaims. And it's true - Katy Perry's bodyguard is a very handsome and athletic man who persistently follows the actress wherever she goes.

2. The bodyguards of Jason Momoa

In order to protect such a giant, one bodyguard isn't enough. Even though Jason Momoa doesn't look like a guy that needs any security, all celebrities require protection. And looking at their photos, it seems like they always have a great time being in each other's company.

1. The bodyguard of Brooklyn Beckham

Not very long ago the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham started to show up in public escorted by his bodyguard. It's probable that no one would even pay attention to him if his bodyguard wasn't so bright and charismatic. It seems that this attractive man perfectly blends in with the stylish Beckham family.

Which of these bodyguards did you like the most? Please let us know in the comments!


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HMM, probably Brooklyn Beckham or Bella Hadid. Perhaps maybe even the Dutch policeman/bodybuilder or J-Lau’s peeps.


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