“You’d Be Horrified,” Victoria Beckham Admits Her Husband Has Never Seen Her Without Her Eyebrows On

11 months ago

Victoria Beckham made a surprising revelation on Instagram. The 49-year-old fashion designer shared a video makeup tutorial showing her fans how she fills in her eyebrows. In the beginning of the video, she made a claim that caught everyone’s attention. She boldly stated that her husband, David Beckham, who she has been happily married to for 24 years, has never seen her without her perfectly drawn-on eyebrows.

She avoids showing her bare brows.

Victoria Beckham emphasized in the video that her brows were completely makeup-free. She confidently stated that this was the very first time when anyone had the chance to witness her natural, untouched brows, “This is the first time I have ever let anyone see me without my brows on. Even my own husband never sees me without my brows on.”

She regrets overplucking.

Victoria admits she’s self-conscious about her eyebrows. After years of overplucking, she was left with thin, sparse hairs. Ah, the good old 90s, when thin eyebrows were all the rage. Victoria hopped on that trend and plucked too often to achieve the desired look. “Over the years my brows have been so over-plucked that if you saw me without it, you’d be horrified.”

She fixes her brows all the time.

While doing her makeup, the start reveals, “I want you to see how gappy my brows really are, I have so many missing hairs. I have nothing on these brows at the moment, but you can see how much I have to fill them in and level them out.”

She embraces her appearance now.

Victoria gets candid about her self-esteem, “I’m comfortable with who I am, I accept how I look. I feel, professionally and personally, really accomplished at 49. I consider how I apply my make-up.”

She also emphasized that she wouldn’t want to be 25 again, “I was the kind of young woman who’d look in the mirror and see what needed to be improved upon, as opposed to what actually looked OK.” She then reminded, “It’s not about changing anything, it’s just about looking at the best version of yourself.”

Victoria Beckham isn’t the only one who tries to break free from societal expectations and beauty standards. Lady Gaga decided to make a bold decision and showed up at the Oscars in jeans, sneakers and absolutely no makeup.


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