Check Yourself: Signs of a Cheap Wardrobe That Can Spoil Any Look

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3 years ago

Your style is a reflection of your individuality. You can wear whatever you want and whatever you like, but it's important to pay attention to your image and to make sure that your clothes fit your personal style. It can be quite unsettling to see a beautiful woman looking "cheap" and that doesn't necessarily refer to the price of the clothes as much as it does to the style, the quality, and the outdated fashion sense.

Bright Side made a list of articles of clothing and types of shoes that can make even the most beautiful woman look ridiculous.

Velour jumpsuit

In early 2000, Paris Hilton was once shopping in a pink velour jumpsuit. From here on out, all fashionistas included such suits in their wardrobes. Needless to say, even back then it wasn't clear what the jumpsuit was originally intended for – bedtime, exercising, or walking around the house when you're sure no one will see you? Today it would make anyone look ridiculous.

What to wear instead? Anything you want: a denim jumpsuit, straight jeans with a jacket, or a nice pantsuit in pastel colors.

Winter hats with a veil

It's weird that someone decided to combine a veil and a winter hat in the first place. Such a duo definitely evokes mixed feelings. Veils are suitable for hats that you wear to royal receptions but certainly not for winter hats.

What to wear instead? Any hat that suits your style. For example, an oversized beanie hat, a ski hat, a bomber hat, or even a cossack if that's what looks good on you!

Wedge sneakers

Wedge sneakers made it into the fashion world in 2011 and since then, women refuse to part with such footwear. Meanwhile, such sneakers look strangely oversized and they aren't comfortable at all. Many women should've parted with these "sneaker-heels" a long time ago.

What to wear instead? Sneakers or kicks that many fashionistas like to wear with different outfits.

Fur vests

The impracticality of such vests is pretty obvious: we doubt that someone would wear such a fur vest without a long-sleeved shirt or sweater on a winter day. Besides, wearing vests during the summer would look totally out of place. Some women manage to wear fur vests with leather jackets and this puzzles many stylists. Moreover, fur isn't fashionable anymore and that's something that advocates for animal rights are very happy about.

What to wear instead? A stylish puffer jacket or a faux leather coat.

High heel platform shoes

High heel platform shoes make some women's feet look comically funny and can even resemble hooves. There's also the endless discomfort that a woman has to suffer from if she wears a pair of such shoes.

What to wear instead? High heel shoes.

Transparent maxi skirt

Such transparent skirts that hide a mini-skirt underneath raise a lot of questions. Why did a woman decide to wear it? Did she want to wear a mini-skirt but wasn't brave enough? It's a really confusing fashion statement. Besides, if such a maxi skirt is made of a low-quality fabric, then a real lady shouldn't wear it at all.

What to wear instead? If your style is rather conservative and you feel that mini-skirts aren't for you, then opt for a poodle skirt. However, mini-skirts are in style at the moment. Poodle skirts are still popular in the world of fashion and look really feminine.

Low-rise pants

Low-rise jeans that make your belly look like a muffin top or show off your underwear to others should not have a place in your wardrobe.

What to wear instead? High-rise jeans. They will make your legs look longer.

Transparent nylon shirts

First of all, an exposed bra won't make anyone look sexy and stylish. Transparent nylon shirts or turtlenecks shouldn't be used as a separate element of your look. Even celebrities have been seen wearing such clothes, but in most cases, such shirts look vulgar. The worst case is a transparent nylon turtleneck worn over a black bra.

What to wear instead? A regular turtleneck is timeless and always in style.


It's better to get rid of boring knitted button-down jumpers and never spoil your outfits with them. Such jumpers worn above sheath dresses or with pants make a woman look cheap and boring.

What to wear instead? Long cardigans or plain sweatshirts.


On every corner, we hear that UGGs became a real anti-trend of the fashion world. However, it's really hard to make some fashion girls get rid of such comfortable footwear. Even a pair of the most stylish UGGs doesn't look appealing on a woman's feet.

What to wear instead? Regular boots or "ugly" ankle buckle boots.

What types of clothes would you add to this list? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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