Children Who Look Like Their Father Tend to Be Healthier as They Grow Up

3 years ago

A father’s presence in a child’s life really shapes their confidence and overall development, but that’s not all. According to a study, kids who look like their father grow up healthier than ones who do not resemble their dads.

Bright Side found the study intriguing and would like to reveal its details to our readers.

To determine the importance of a father’s presence, 715 families were studied.

Researchers from Binghamton University took data from 715 families where the parents lived separately. Fathers and mothers of these children were interviewed in 5 stages. First, within 3 days of the birth of the baby and then 4 times throughout the year. The parents were asked who the baby resembles more, the father or the mother. The babies’ health was monitored over the year.

Babies who looked like their father were found to be healthier.

Surprisingly, infants who looked more like their fathers reported fewer cases of illness, asthma attacks, visits to the emergency room, and spent less time in hospitals. It was also noted that babies who resemble their fathers had favorable health conditions over the others after they turned a year old.

Fathers spend more time with these babies.

The study further adds that fathers tend to spend more time with the baby if it looks like them. They invest in more direct contact with the baby and spend an average extra 2.5 days per month with them. They also involve themselves more in childcare and chores.

Solomon Polachek, a professor at New York’s Binghamton University and one of the authors of the study, said in a statement that the role of fathers is essential in raising a child and that it manifests itself in the babies’ health. An extra day of time spent by the dad with the baby can improve its health by 10%.

A strong relationship between father and child is helpful during adolescence too.

According to a study conducted by Minnesota State University, adolescents who have a better relationship with their fathers’ experience fewer issues with internalizing problems and inattentive/hyperactive behaviors. Just like mothers, a father’s involvement in his child’s life is equally important.

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I resemble my father, everyone instantly says this when they see me and him walking together :p


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