Chuck Norris Confesses Why He Almost Fainted Upon Learning About His Twins

5 months ago

Chuck Norris, the legendary martial artist and actor we all know and love, isn’t just a tough guy on screen. In real life, he’s all about family and supporting his kids.

Chuck and his wife recently celebrated a big deal — their twins turning 22. Chuck did something rare to mark the occasion — he posted a family photo on Instagram. In that picture, you could see his daughter and son, and it was a special moment for the whole Norris clan.

Chuck Norris and his first marriage with Dianne Holechek

Chuck’s love story with his wife, Gena O’Kelley, began a bit later in life while he was filming the popular series. The two crossed paths through a mutual friend who introduced them during a cozy dinner with just 12 guests at a sushi restaurant.

At the time, Chuck was initially on a date with someone else, but fate had other plans. As he gazed into Gena’s eyes, he was immediately captivated. Chuck has often described Gena as his soulmate and true Valentine, a sentiment endured throughout their loving relationship.

Their marriage was filled with happiness for a remarkable three decades, and they were blessed with two sons, Mike, 60, and Eric, 57, who followed in their father’s footsteps.

Like his brother Mike, Eric chose to walk the same path as their father. He dedicated himself to stunt work, accumulating more than 100 stunt credits. His exceptional abilities were showcased in renowned projects like “The Town,” “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” and “Sons of Anarchy.”

In addition to his remarkable stunt career, Eric is an accomplished racecar driver, participating in over 80 events. He finds joy in his marriage to Stephanie, with whom he shares the blessings of four children.

Chuck’s third child, Dina DiCiolli, entered his life from a past relationship with Johanna, marking a brief affair years ago.

Chuck Norris and his wife were blessed with twins, but his reaction was surprising.

After Chuck Norris and his forever Valentine, Gena O’Kelley, exchanged vows, they received an extra-special gift from life — twins. On August 30, 2001, their twins, Dakota Alan Norris and Danilee Kelley Norris, entered the world. While they arrived a bit earlier than expected, being born one month prematurely, the good news was that there were no complications, and both babies were healthy.

The arrival of Dakota and Danilee added two new members to Chuck and Gena’s already big family. Both Chuck and Gena had been previously married and had children from their previous marriages, making their household a vibrant blend of love and togetherness.

Chuck’s reaction to the news that he would be a dad of twins is a classic tale. During their 5-week check-up, the couple’s doctor surprised them by revealing a second baby on the sonogram after initially showing them the first. But the real kicker was when the doctor playfully hinted at the possibility of a third baby. Chuck admitted to feeling light-headed at the thought in his own humorous way. Fortunately, it was just two babies, which he jokingly expressed relief about.

As he recalls, “Being a father is one of God’s greatest blessings a man can experience.”

Once his twins arrived, Chuck Norris decided it was time to step back from the limelight. He wanted to be there for his kids and play a more active role in their upbringing, shifting his focus away from his career.

“At home, away from the bright lights of Hollywood, forget strong man, Chuck’s a family man and a real softy.”

It was evident that he was fully committed to being a dad and prioritizing his family. This transition from action-hero fame to family-oriented life revealed a side of Chuck Norris that showed his deep love and devotion to his loved ones.

As Chuck was putting more emphasis on his family, he also had a surprising and heartwarming moment in his personal life. He discovered the existence of a child he hadn’t known about before. Chuck’s response was genuinely touching as he accepted this new family member into his life with open arms and much love.


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