Ciara and Russell Wilson Proudly Welcome Baby No. 4: “They’ve Always Wanted a Lot of Kids”

7 months ago

Ciara, the 38-year-old singer, and her quarterback spouse, Russell Wilson, 35, revealed the arrival of their new family member on Monday via an Instagram announcement. The couple shared the delightful news about their newborn daughter, who received a charming name that complements her adorable appearance.

Towards the end of summer, they shared the lovely news.

GilbertFlores@Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

Ciara delightedly revealed in August that she was pregnant with her fourth child, marking her third with the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. The pair joyously shared the news through a video announcement on Instagram. Captured during their anniversary journey to Japan, the NFL star filmed the video where Ciara dances by a pool, displaying her baby bump.

During her pregnancy, Ciara remained actively engaged in work and travel. People magazine revealed that she even filmed the How We Roll video while carrying her baby. Remarkably, she was dancing throughout the entire shoot, showcasing her dedication despite being at the 9-month mark, similar to her previous pregnancy with her son Win: “This is what she has always wanted, and Russ too. They’ve always wanted a lot of kids.”

A happy family

Ciara shared a heartwarming family moment just before announcing the birth of her newborn daughter. She posted a picture on social media where she’s seen with her kids at Russell Wilson’s Denver Broncos game against the Los Angeles Chargers. In the photo, Ciara posed happily with her sons Future and Win, along with her daughter Sienna, who wore a pink t-shirt featuring her father’s No. 3 jersey number. Future and Win sported matching bright orange sweatshirts and shorts.

Their daughter was born on December 11th.

Amora Princess Wilson was born on December 11, weighing 9 lbs., 1 oz., as proudly announced by the parents. Expressing their overflowing love, the couple shared in the caption of their joint post, “We Love You so much!” Amora Princess shares a middle name with her elder sister Sienna Princess, aged 6. Ciara and Wilson now have two daughters together along with their son, Win Harrison. Additionally, Ciara is a mother to her son, Future Zahir, from her previous relationship with rapper Future.

Ciara stirred up debate earlier this year when she appeared in a daring, highly revealing gown at the Oscars. The outfit sparked mixed reactions, with some criticizing her choice while others saw no issue with the bold fashion statement.

Preview photo credit GilbertFlores@Broadimage / Broad Image / East News, ciara / Instagram


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