Companies Now Make Leather From Apple Peels, and Some Products Are Jaw-Dropping

2 years ago

Sneakers made from coffee grounds, a fabric made from mushrooms — these things might all sound like they came straight out of a fairy tale. But there are more and more ways to make vegan leather that really look like real leather, and not a single animal has to suffer. The novelty that shook the fashion world this time is “apple leather,” which is leather made from apple peels and remnants, and many companies are already into it.

We at Bright Side instantly wanted to buy these stylish products from the apple leather companies. We’d love for you to take a look at some of them together with us.

“Apple skin” is completely vegan with just a tiny hint of plastic.

One of the pioneers in the apple skin industry, Canadian fashion house Samara, was founded by 2 sisters. They spent a whole year making their first masterpiece out of recycled apple peels, and their goal was to be as eco-friendly as they could be. But in their interview, they confess that there is still a hint of plastic, as they have to use it as a binding agent. But a bit of plastic is not a lot of plastic, and these sisters are continuing to work hard to perfect their technologies and find even more sustainable agents.

One company revealed the secret to making apple skin goods.

Another company, Beyond Leather, has shown the whole process of how they make leather for the production of shoes and accessories. The process seems to be pretty simple at first sight: they take the peels that have been juiced out by beverage companies, dry them, then grind them into a fine powder and mix them with a non-toxic, organic pigment.

The fame of apple leather has already reached celebrities and even British royals.

One of the first celebrities to get on board with the cruelty-free vegan leather trend was Pamela Anderson. Her partnership with Ashoka Paris gave birth to a line of apple leather handbags, which quickly went under the spotlight and got public attention.

In honor of Kate Middleton’s birthday on January 9, PETA sent her a bag from the French eco-fashion brand Ashoka Paris, one of the winners of the 2019 PETA Fashion Awards for its eco-friendly bags and accessories.

This gift was meant to encourage the Duchess to make cruelty-free choices for her wardrobe and motivate her many admirers to do the same.

The variety of products can answer even the most intricate wishes.

Companies that have already introduced apple leather into their repertoire are growing the variety of their goods very quickly. They offer customizable models that can be made in any color you’d like to have, and, in addition, the thickness of the leather itself can be customized. But the real breakthrough is that their shoes and sportswear are made of apple skin too.

How many things made from leather do you have in your wardrobe? Would you consider replacing them with vegan leather goods in the future?

Preview photo credit, mayluaparis / Instagram


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