Dad Criticized for Marrying a Woman 16 Years His Junior Who Looks “Exactly Like His Daughter”

Chris, 44, and Savanna, 28, are happily married and have 3 children together. But their relationship has been slammed online not just for the 16-year gap between them, but also because Savanna looks very similar to Chris’ daughter from another marriage. We’d like to share the inspiring story of this beautiful couple who isn’t allowing all these obstacles to break their solid bond.

There were sparks from the start.

The pair first met when Savanna started working as a hairstylist at Chris’s beauty salon. Back then, both weren’t even considering starting a romance given that Savanna had just ended a relationship and Chris had just filed for divorce, and his ’’life was kind of in a tailspin,’’ according to him.

Nevertheless, the duo couldn’t ignore the intense attraction they had for each other. And the more they spent time together, the more the salon owner realized that there was something ’’super special’’ between them.

Their relationship made people talk.

At first, the lovebirds tried to keep a low profile because they were afraid of getting judged by others. Moreover, they were worried about the reaction from Chris’s eldest daughter, 21-year-old Tizzi, especially since she worked at the salon as well.

When they finally broke the news, many of the employees at the salon didn’t welcome it with open arms. Savanna also noted that ’’Tizzi was originally very thrown off’’ by their relationship.

Despite all the challenges, the couple’s love proved to be stronger, and they ended up tying the knot. Luckily, things also changed with Tizzi and now her stepmother says ’’we’re best friends, and she’s my little right-hand man.’’

They started a family despite it all.

The couple are now parents to 3 kids together besides the 3 other children Chris has from his previous marriage. Savanna and Tizzi, who are 7 years apart in age, are so close and post about their life as a happy family on social media.

However, the couple’s big age difference has sparked many not-so-great comments from their followers. One person even noted that Savanna will become a grandmother by the time she hits 30, to which the young woman replied with humor, saying ’’Why not?’’

Their impressive love is proving their critics wrong.

Another point that heavily draws negative attention is the uncanny resemblance between Savanna and her stepdaughter Tizzi. A follower shared that she’d be devastated “if my dad married someone who looks exactly like me.” While another pointed out, ’’Y’all look like sisters.’’

Despite those nay-sayers, the family is stronger than ever, and their bright approach is even impacting people online, who are starting to comment more positively. In fact, more and more people are now gushing over the solid bond between this mom and stepmom duo and saying, ’’I wish I could have this relationship with my stepmom.’’

Savanna also noted that they are not letting anything influence the closeness of their ’’big family’’ anyway. And she affirmed, “We’re happy and that’s all that matters.”


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