A Bride Responds to Criticism About Her Controversial Wedding Dress

6 months ago

Choosing a wedding dress is a big event for brides all around the world. Model Ellie Gonsalves found her perfect, although a bit unconventional, dress for her big day, and decided to share her dress reveal with her followers. However, some of them weren’t that happy with the outfit, going as far as to criticize Gonsalves’s unique choice.

Ellie Gonsalves is an Australian model and influencer.

Ellie Gonsalves is a 33-year-old model, actress and influencer from Australia. Gonsalves garnered more than 1 million followers on Instagram by sharing her day-to-day life. Her feed is filled with glamorous photoshoots, her travel diary, and more recently, snaps from her lavish wedding.

Recently, Gonsalves got married and posted a video of her dress reveal that went viral.

Among the videos and photos shared by Gonsalves from the biggest day of her life was one reel that proved to be quite controversial. In the video the happy bride can be seen as she struts in, wearing a short white lacy dress. She then smiles and poses for the camera, as well as for her husband who cannot be seen in the video. But the caption reads, “My husband’s face when he saw me in this dress reveal at our wedding” followed by some funny emojis.

Although Gonsalves’s husband loved her dress, other people were less awed by her choice.

Despite Ellie Gonsalves’s husband’s positive reaction to the big dress reveal, some of the model’s followers found the dress inappropriate for a wedding. “I’m sorry, but this is not a good dress for the wedding,” one of them wrote, while someone else wondered, “Beautiful night undergarment, but where’s the dress?”

Despite the negative comments, many others came to her defense.

Fortunately, Gonsalves’s big night wasn’t affected by the negative comments. She later decided to post another short video where she can be seen dancing at her wedding and enjoying the party. “My response to people getting mad all over the world about my ’naked wedding dress,’” the cheerful bride captioned the post.

And although many left disparaging comments to Ellie Gonsalves, even more people decided to be supportive. “Absolutely stunning!! This dress is perfect for you!! You look amazing,” one follower wrote. And another person decided to call the haters out, “Why is anyone putting their opinion out there? It’s THEIR business.”

Having your outfit choice judged is never a great feeling, but recently another young woman also had to defend herself because of her gym attire. You can read about her reaction in one of our previous articles.


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