David Beckham’s Daughter Gets a Matching “Tattoo” for Her 12th Birthday and Sparks Controversy Among Fans

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10 months ago

The Beckham family finds themselves once again in the center of attention. This time Harper has caused a stir among fans after getting a matching “tattoo” to celebrate her 12th birthday. The young celebrity kid recently showed her new ink, leaving the internet with mixed reactions. Some praised the girl’s self-expression, while others criticized her decision at such a young age.

Harper turned 12 years old in July.

The daughter of Victoria and David Beckham turned 12 on July 10. The famous parents threw a Prada party in a café in Harrods. In recent snaps, Harper posed with Victoria in a party dress from VB’s brand. Later the two joined David, Romeo and Cruz Beckham.

She got a matching “tattoo”.

In a recent photo, Brooklyn Beckham’s wife Nicola showed off the tattoo on her lower back. Harper also flaunted her new “tattoo” on her ribs. Nicola wrote, “Happy birthday to my baby sis Harper, you’re the most amazing girl, I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I love you more than you even know! (Can we always match forever?)”

It turned out to be fake.

Contrary to popular belief, the “matching tattoo” was actually a temporary one. Nicola’s small butterfly was a real tattoo though and Harper only got the faux inking.

Fans deemed the photo inappropriate.

A lot of users didn’t like the idea of a 12-year-old getting a tattoo even when they found out it was fake. Someone wrote, “No child should get a tattoo. No responsible parent would let that happen,” “You’re a beautiful girl, happy birthday, but the tattoo is a no for me.” Another added, “Please tell me that’s a fake tattoo.”

The famous parents are known for their controversial parenting style. In this article, David explains why he kisses his daughter on the lips.


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I'm certainly glad that it was fake in the end. While I have a tattoo myself, I feel like 12 years old is a bit young to decide on a permanent tattoo. She may decide at 18-21 years old that she wants a permanent tattoo and that's great. It gives her a few more years to decide what direction her life may be heading in. It was hidden and tasteful imho but I feel a tween is just a bit too young still, to commit to adult decisions. I did know by 18 years old that I wanted my nose pierced and a tattoo, it didn't happen for several years later but I've never changed my mind or regretted my decisions. I hope she waits a few more years to decide for sure, if and where she may choose to have one.


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