A Mom, 36, Is Criticized for Having Tattoos All Over Her Body

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In a world where personal style and self-expression take on countless forms, Evgeniia Ksovreli-Knoott, a devoted mother, challenges societal norms with her body full of intricate tattoos. Despite facing criticism from her loved ones, she remains unapologetically committed to self-expression. Her story showcases the power of embracing individuality in the face of adversity.

Beginning of her tattooing journey.

Evgeniia Ksovreli-Knoott, a 36-year-old actress is no stranger to the judgment and criticism that comes with being covered in intricate tattoos. With designs ranging from skulls and eyes, Evgeniia has inked her face, hands, arms, and nearly every other visible part of her body. She has even gone so far as to have her eyelids and fingertips tattooed, enduring the pain and challenges that come with these unique choices. Now, she’s considering tattooing her tongue black as a way to assert her identity and remind herself not to let others hurt her.

She always gets new tattoos.

Evgeniia’s journey into the world of tattoos began when she was just 14 years old, and she hasn’t looked back since. Although she finds it difficult to keep track of exactly how many tattoos she has, she has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. Each new tattoo becomes her favorite for a while, akin to a recently composed song that resonates deeply with her. For Evgeniia, the pain she experiences during the tattooing process is an acute suffering that contributes to the significance and meaning of her body art.

Evgeniia is proud of her tattoos.

Despite having to hide it from her parents, her rebellious spirit led her to proudly display it at school, where her peers were in awe of her boldness. Over the years, her style and personality evolved parallel, and her tattoos became integral to her self-expression. Evgeniia’s tattoos embody her psychedelic punk style in every aspect of her life, from clothing and music to her work as an actress.

Not everyone supports her.

However, Evgeniia’s unique appearance hasn’t always been well-received by her friends and family. Many of her friends believe she has gone overboard with her tattoos, expressing concern about her plans to tattoo her sclera (the whites of her eyes) or alter her appearance further.

Her mother often cries when she sees her, mistakenly thinking she failed as a loving mother. Even her own son finds her tattoos off-putting, going so far as to call her “ugly.” This criticism has left Evgeniia longing for the companionship of like-minded individuals who appreciate the artistry and self-expression of tattoos.

She has faced some difficulties living around the world.

Evgeniia’s experiences with her tattoos have varied across different countries. In her hometown, she faced constant insults from strangers daily. In contrast, during her 10 years in Goa, India, she was celebrated as an artist of underground psychedelic fashion.

She found comfort and acceptance in Western Europe and England, with people either indifferent or welcoming. She has yet to encounter individuals with extremely tattooed faces in her current home of Israel. However, she believes Tel Aviv is a relatively safe and accepting place to express herself freely.

She knows tattoos can make her life harder.

While Evgeniia’s tattoos have made it challenging for her to find conventional employment, their uniqueness has made her appealing to some during brief encounters. She has never struggled to charm others with her captivating personality. However, she acknowledges that securing a traditional job in her home country would have been nearly impossible due to societal expectations and prejudices.

Tattoos are trendy. Even some celebrities wear them proudly and show them to the world.

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