David Beckham’s Daughter-in-Law Shares STEAMY Photos to Congratulate Him, and Fans Are Confused

9 months ago

Nicola Peltz-Beckham shared some sweet words for her father-in-law, David Beckham. But the choice of photos she shared along with the tribute is baffling the internet. She congratulated him on his Netflix documentary.

Nicola’s tribute was rather unique.

Usually, when celebrities share tributes online, they include a photo of the person they are celebrating. Instead, Nicola took to her social media and shared her photos. In some of them, she could be seen in the bathroom posing. In others, she’s being affectionate with her husband, Brooklyn.

The comments are divided.

Nicola’s post was filled with comments in no time and some people expressed their concerns. “Weird choice and/or order of pictures to congratulate your father-in-law, one might say,” a user commented. “Odd pictures when it was for her father-in-laws premiere,” added another. Some even pointed out that it was odd that she only congratulated David and left out Victoria.

Others praised her incredible look for the night. “Her beauty is unreal,” chimed a fan. “Beautiful and wonderful, you are the best, Nicola. Don’t care about those negative comments,” cheered another.

The Beckhams had a rare family outing.

Nicola and Brooklyn were spotted along with David Beckham, and Victoria Beckham for their Netflix docuseries premiere. His siblings Romeo, Cruz and Harper were also present.

David previously stirred the internet by revealing why he kisses his daughter Harper on the lips.


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