Double Luck: 117-Year-Old World’s Oldest Woman Celebrates Birthday Alongside 107-Year-Old Sister

6 months ago

She has more than a century of well-lived stories to tell. This is the gift that Cícera Maria dos Santos gives to everyone celebrating her 117th birthday with her. Along with her sister, who is also a centenarian, Cícera revealed her secret to living a long life.

Cícera Maria dos Santos is a Brazilian woman born in 1906. Cícera is just over a year older than the Spanish Maria Branyas Morera who turned 116 this year and is considered by the Guinness World Records to be the oldest woman in the world.

Josefa Maria da Conceição, Cícera’s middle sister, is 107 years old. She lived nearly her entire life in the countryside and traded chickens at the market. For her, the secret to the family’s longevity is healthy eating. “You have to eat. Beans, corn, cassava, potatoes,” she pointed out.

The sisters’ house is full of relics, and it’s safe to say it’s a kind of museum in this part of the world. But for the family, the real treasure is having the presence of them both. Josefa’s great-grandchild, Ruan, is grateful, saying, “The greatest happiness in the world is to be with them here today.”

The celebration ended with cake, snacks, and applause, symbolizing the admiration for the elderly woman’s story. We wish both of the sisters more healthy years to come!

Recently, the previous World’s Oldest Woman passed away at 128 years. Curiously, they share the same secret to a long life, which is eating what nature can provide. Their words can inspire lots of people who want to live in good health.

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