Drake Is a Dedicated Single Dad to His Mini-Me Son Who Adores Him Beyond Words

8 months ago

Drake is one doting papa! It’s hard to believe that the famous musician almost missed out on the chance to be the best single daddy he can be, so we’re happy that his son, Adonis, managed to steal his heart. The two are inseparable right now and even starting to collaborate on music together. Keep reading to get to know one of the most inspiring father-son stories we’ve ever came across.

Drake denied being the father at first.

The famous rapper shares his only son, Adonis, with the French artist Sophie Brussaux. The two were first spotted together in early 2017, which is when Sophie got pregnant with their future child. In that time, she claimed that Drake was questioning his paternity, which was also confirmed by his representative: “If it is in fact Drake’s child, which he does not believe, he would do the right thing by the child.”

Adonis was born in October 2017. The status of Drake’s involvement was a big question until the release of his album Scorpion in June 2018. The rapper confirmed his fatherhood in one of the songs and implied that he wants complete privacy for his child. From then on, Drake and Sophie were never again involved romantically, but they do co-parent Adonis.

The rapper is now more than hands-on dad.

Even though Drake was reluctant to put on his “dad” hat at first, he admitted in 2018 that he was “really excited to be a great father.” It’s safe to say that the acclaimed musician is still keeping true to his word. In fact, Drake is confident in his parenting skills that he dubbed himself a “co-parent of the year” on his 2021 album.

Drake and Sophie agreed to keep Adonis’ life private until 2020, when both started sharing his first pics online. Since then, the singer and his son are practically inseparable. They are often seen attending public events together and enjoying basketball games courtside. Drake also likes twinning with his mini-me son and sometimes even braids Adonis’ hair to match his.

His son is his biggest little fan.

Today, Adonis is 6 years old and Drake is starting to involve him in his career as well as his personal life. In October 2023, the singer released a music video titled 8am in Charlotte that extensively features his son. Adonis has made a cameo during Drake’s interview with Barstool Sports and had no issue stealing the spotlight from the world star.

The interviewer was joking around with Adonis and asked him: “Do you think if you had a better dad you’d be able to read?” The boy showed his sharp sense of humor by replying: “This is my better dad.” He also added that Drake jokes around a lot and is definitely the “funny dad.” Drake then shared a bit more about their lovely relationship: “He definitely just always is vibing out with me and telling me how great I am as a father, like, a single father.”

Adonis is following in his dad’s footsteps.

The biggest proof of how much Adonis admired his dad is that he is starting to take after him big time. The little guy already made his first rap freestyle called My Man Freestyle, which Drake proudly shared on his Instagram. Considering Adonis already made his rap video debut for his dad’s song and recorded his own little hit, we can definitely expect more from him in the future.

Adonis also shows his creative side through painting. Both Sophie and Drake share his art on their social media, so it’s safe to say he’s taking the best from his dad and his mom. And while we’re watching Adonis’ creative chops develop, we have many more famous children who took after their parents to admire. You can read more about all of them here.


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