Exclusive Sights You May Only See Once in Your Lifetime

10 months ago

Sometimes, being at the right place at the right time with a camera on hand is a pure blessing. Some people that believe in fate or religion are convinced that everything happens for a reason. Some believe that there are no coincidences while others think that random events aren’t an act of fate no matter how bizarre they may seem.

1. The sunset and a rainbow hanging out

This is a beautiful picture of a sunset after a storm. The person who captured it managed to center the sun into the rainbow that formed from one side of the field to the other.

2. The floor and leggings combo

3. This highlighter synchronicity

4. Purple wood

This is a type of rare tree called Peltogyne Purpurea or purpleheart wood. These trees originate from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama. The external wood is usually a light brown color, and the middle of the tree is usually a vibrant purple color with dark stripes.

Purpleheart wood is famous for making up floors, furniture, structural elements, and architectural finishes due to its physical and mechanical properties.

5. There are some amazing sales at the mall.

6. Safety comes first.

7. The world’s most delicious soap

8. The dog’s white stripe that lines up perfectly with the wave

9. The triple rainbow

10. If only there was a way to fix it...

11. “A friend tried to toss me his keys at work, but they got stuck on the piping of the roof like this.”

12. This is a 1 in 30 million calico lobster...

13. A tree that knows how to fall without damaging people’s property

14. “Both lines at McDonald’s had the same cars.”

15. This guy accidentally found out that his wallpaper’s photograph was taken near Santa Cristina in Italy.

16. 5 peanuts in a shell

Usually, peanuts come in double shells, which means each shell has two peanuts or three maximum. This person managed to find one that had 2.5 times more peanuts than the average peanut shell.

17. Dice stuck in a glass while shuffling

18. The order number is the same as the total.

19. The struggles of a substitute teacher

20. Perfect timing

21. “Smeowshing”

22. The wind had perfect timing.

23. An airplane passing in front of the moon

24. Blocks of gold getting ready to be shipped

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Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Clydeze / reddit, Crimhoof / reddit


gold is too rare how did they get in in that large quantity
After the success of "Everything is a cake." Here it is the all new "Everything is a bar of soap." even the cake :P (No. 9)

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