Former Bond Girl Jane Seymour Still Looks Flawless at 72, and She’s Spilling Her Beauty Secrets

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Looking at Jane Seymour, you would never guess her actual age. The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star has already entered her 70s, but her face and body didn’t get the message. Of course, ageless beauty doesn’t come easy, so we looked into Seymour’s beauty tips for aging gracefully, and we’re pleased to share our findings with all of you.

She believes that beauty comes from within.

Seymour once revealed that she had a near-death experience many years ago, which made her rethink her views on life. She shared: “I realized that when you pass, the only thing you take with you is the love you’ve shared and the difference you’ve made.”

That revelation made her realize: “It’s all connected. There’s not one thing that I do that’s not connected to mind, body, and soul.” Since then, she’s been focusing on personal growth and positivity, believing that if she feeds her soul, it’ll show in her body as well.

She was inspired by her mother.

Jane shared that she also learned the importance of being connected to her inner self through her mother.

She said that her mom couldn’t splurge on skincare, so she instead focused on self-care: “She never had any money and couldn’t afford any kind of facials. She took care of herself... and her whole philosophy in life was that everyone had a challenge, and when they did, they had to accept it, open up their hearts, and reach out to help other people. And in doing so, [they] would help themselves.”

She avoids fad diets.

You might think Jane is very strict with her food, but it’s actually the opposite. She admitted that she loves food and doesn’t keep track of her weight, but she does prioritize good nutrition: “Diets for me, never really worked because I’m a foodie. I grow my own vegetables and fruits and I love flavor. So the whole idea of getting to a number on a scale ... I’m not, you know, crazy about it.”

She keeps her body moving.

Naturally, the famous actress knows the importance of fitness, but she also keeps her age in mind and takes it easy on her body. She prefers Pilates and “light weights” paired with “very careful sit-ups” and “some yoga poses but not all.” Jane makes sure she listens to her body “as you get older, you know, your body can’t function the way you’d like it to function.”

She’s protecting her skin at all costs.

Seymour’s favorite skincare secret is sun protection. She once said: “I think having good skin is really the secret to not aging your face. Using retinol at night, protecting yourself from the sun, using great skincare that plumps your skin ... and pretty much anything that makes me feel healthy is the best anti-aging secret I know.”

Jane also added that she wishes she started being careful around the sun at a much younger age: “I don’t have many regrets, but I do wish I could tell that younger version of myself that she shouldn’t bask in the sun with a reflector board and cooking oil during those 2 weeks of vacation! But, I stopped sun-worshipping a long time ago, so I guess I’m lucky there.”

She’s all about aging naturally.

And, lastly, Seymour answered the most burning question: Has she had any work done on her face? The answer is no, but she’s keeping her options open: “As of now, I have chosen not to have a facelift—but I have nothing against any of it, nothing... if I felt that somebody could do something that wouldn’t change my face, and I would have the results where I would look just like me, I would do it. I’m not saying I’d never do it, but I haven’t done it yet.”

It really looks like Jane is doing just fine without having any cosmetic procedures, and her fans also agree. The ageless beauty keeps gathering astonished comments on her Instagram, which was recently further boosted by her jaw-dropping red carpet appearance.


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She's still an incredibly stunning woman. She has aged well. I remember vividly when she played Solitaire in Live And Let Die. She was so young looking in that movie.


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