From Starring in Hollywood’s Romantic Movies to Living in One, Here’s Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves’ 14-Year Love Journey

4 years ago

Their relationship hasn’t been average since the moment they laid eyes on each other. However, by deciding to get married 2 years after they’d already had their second child, they have proven that timing is an important factor for long-lasting love! In their 14-year-long romance, Matthew and Camila have shown us what it means to build an ideal life with your partner through mutual respect, but also how to relax and do things your own way.

We at Bright Side believe there’s a lot to learn from a couple with such an interesting love story and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The interesting tale of how they met

In the midst of filming many of his rom-com’s, the last thing on Matthew McConaughey’s mind was that his life will soon start to feel like a movie. In 2006 he wasn’t searching for the love of his life — in fact, he didn’t mind being single at the time, but life doesn’t always play by your rules.

While having fun with some friends in a bar one night, Matthew spotted an enchanting figure from the corner of his eye. He immediately knew that it was a woman worth meeting, so he went over and asked her to join him at the table. Completely smitten with Camila, he spoke the ’’best Spanish of his life’’ for the whole night with her while she spoke Portuguese. After this night, and their first date 3 nights later, Matthew knew he wanted to go on dates with only her for the rest of his life.

It’s a beautiful love story but it’s not always perfect.

It doesn’t always have to be love at first sight for it to work. Camila’s side of the story of how they met just proves it’s possible to fall in love gradually yet equally as hard.

When Camila was approached by a heavily bearded man in a Los Angeles bar that night, she didn’t even dream it would be her future husband. The Brazilian model didn’t recognize the famous actor at the time and wasn’t particularly interested. The moment she realized who he was, was the moment his close friend Lance Armstrong came to talk to her. The first thought that popped into her head was to run away to the other side of the room, far away from Matthew. It’s a good thing she didn’t because that was the night he won her over.

They’re not your typical Hollywood couple.

Before marriage was even on their minds, Matthew and Camila had 2 children. In July 2008 the lovebirds had their first son, Levi, and in January 2010 they welcomed their daughter Vida into the world.

Their love for each other was certain, and Matthew knew he was ready for a family. What he didn’t know was if Camila was ready to accept his marriage proposal on Christmas Day, 2011. His whole family thought Camila was going to reject him. Luckily for Matthew, over the years she grew into the idea of marriage and said, ’’Yes’’!

They perceive marriage as an adventure.

The pair’s fairy-tale wedding took place at their home in Austin, Texas on June 9th, 2012. The small Catholic ceremony was very special both for them and their children. Their son Levi served as the ring bearer and their daughter Vida was the flower girl.

Camila and Matthew are a perfect team and they came to the realization that marriage was not a destination, but an adventure they will enjoy together for the rest of their lives.

The children are a blessing for this happy couple.

Soon after the wedding, their second son, Livingston was born and they couldn’t be happier. Matthew calls his children his ’’living legacy’’ and if it were up to him, he’d add 8 more to their loving family! Of course, this ambition is a little far-fetched so, for now, they are perfectly happy raising their 3 super-cute children.

Some may think there’s a secret behind having a successful marriage, but what this 14-year-long relationship teaches us is that love is in the little things.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves respect each other for who they really are and that’s what counts the most.

We could all take a page from this couple’s book of love, don’t you think? Share with us in the comments what a successful relationship means to you.


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I love Matthew McConaughey, I didn't know his wife, she's gorgeous!


Actually, such a beautiful love story. Just this one makes me feel so overwhelmed with happiness ?


I love reading stories like this, make me believe true love really exists for many of us :)


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