“Gossip Girl” Star Ed Westwick Found His Blair in Real Life

5 months ago

The Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick found his Blair in real life. Only her name is Amy Jackson. And, he didn’t propose in New York’s Upper East Side but during the couple’s ski trip to Switzerland where he got down on one knee as he popped the question.

Ed “hit the jackpot.”

Ed and Amy revealed their engagement on Instagram, sharing a couple of charming snapshots of the special moment. Actress and model Amy Jackson couldn’t contain her excitement, writing ’Hell Yes!’ in the Instagram post, while Ed expressed on his Instagram story that he had ’hit the jackpot’ with Amy.

Amy makes Ed’s heart race from day one.

Westwick and Amy met in 2021 when they were separately invited to a race day with Aston Martin at Silverstone racetrack. Ed was there with a friend who knew Amy and decided to make a move on her the moment he saw her.

“We had a wonderful day and she beat me [in the race]. Her lap time was a lot better than mine! She’s been making my heart race from day one!” revealed Ed.

Shortly after meeting, they moved to the same city.

As chance would have it, Ed and Amy found themselves living near each other.

“At the time, she was looking to move to Hampstead in London and I was also looking there at the time. I promise!” Ed added. “She moved and I moved shortly afterward to my own place there but very close to each other.”

These days, the Gossip Girl star and his fiance Amy Jackson have traded the city for a quieter life in the countryside. “We are surrounded by countryside and I wake up in the morning and walk around and there’s no one but us and my neighbor’s horses,” Ed revealed. “We are very, very happy.”

Ed Westwick found the love of his life in his 30s, but some people find their “the one” later in life. Richard Gere, for instance, met the woman of his dreams in adulthood and he’s the happiest man in the universe.


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