Having More Than 2 Kids Leads to Cognitive Decline, a Study Reveals

7 months ago

Having 3 or more children has an impact on the brain equivalent to 6.2 years of aging. In comparison, parents with just 2 children are sharper cognitively than those with 3. There’s no doubt that having children brings both stress and joy, and researchers have shed light on how parenthood affects our mental abilities.

Stay-at-home moms might experience cognitive difficulties.

When it comes to expanding their families, women often face a trade-off. The choice to have another child often leads to fewer hours worked and lower earnings. However, here’s an intriguing twist: maintaining an active role in the workforce, as opposed to retiring, can actually have a remarkable positive effect on cognitive functioning for both men and women.

Having children is stressful.

While having children can be a source of immense joy, it’s important to acknowledge the potential stress it can bring. For parents, especially those with multiple children, the added responsibilities can contribute to increased stress levels, limited leisure time for relaxation, and reduced opportunities to engage in cognitively stimulating activities. This, in turn, can lead to sleep deprivation for parents as they strive to meet the needs of their growing family.

Worrying about money can affect your cognitive abilities.

When it comes to expanding our families, there’s more to consider than just the joy and laughter that children bring. The decision to have another child can have a profound impact on our finances. It’s no secret that welcoming a new family member often leads to increased expenses, a decline in overall income, and a higher risk of experiencing financial hardships. As a result, these financial strains can potentially seep into our cognitive well-being, affecting our ability to think clearly and navigate daily life.

Both parents might be affected.

While the challenges of parenthood are often associated with increased stress on mothers, it’s important to recognize that fathers can also be affected. Having 3 or more children, compared to 2, can be tied to poorer cognitive function later in life. Interestingly, this effect isn’t exclusive to one gender—it affects both men and women equally.

Having children can be both stressful and joyful. In a world where celebrity parents are often portrayed as perfect, it’s refreshing to see those who embrace their quirks and imperfections. They understand the importance of having a good time with their kids while embracing parenthood’s ups and downs.


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