Helena Bonham Carter, 56, Opens Up About Being in a Relationship With a 21-Years Younger Boyfriend

Defying societal expectations has never been a problem for Helena Bonham Carter. The charming actress refuses to fit the mold and always stands out with her choice of roles, her quirky sense of fashion, and her unique views on love and marriage. This time around, she’s sharing her perspective on being with a much younger partner and proves that love really can conquer all, even the widest age gaps.

They instantly fell for each other.

The 56-year-old movie star has been in a relationship with Rye Dag Holmboe, a 35-year-old art historian, for 5 years following her split from film director Tim Burton. The couple met at a wedding party and sparks flew instantly. Bonham Carter describes their meeting as a “happy accident,” sharing, “It was one of those moments that was so chance and ended up determining so much.” She also noted that she feels “very lucky” to have met Holmboe.

The age gap works in their favor.

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Bonham Carter has an inspiring and unconventional perspective on this age difference. She believes that “everybody ages at a different rate” and praises Holmboe for being “unbelievably mature” and not feeling threatened by her age and power. “People are slightly frightened of older women, but he isn’t. He’s an old soul in a young body, what more could I want?” she gushed.

Her unique perspective is refreshing.

For Bonham Carter, there is a clear difference between maturity and age. “There are people I’ve been involved with who aren’t necessarily their age, maturity-wise, whereas Rye is ageless,” she explained.

And instead of seeing it as an obstacle, the actress joked about their age difference, stating, “His eyesight is going, so we say I’m siphoning off his youth at night.” She finds it funny that Holmboe being younger than her is even in the news, continuing, “I keep getting older, but to the tabloids, he remains 33. He’s almost like Benjamin Button.”

She’s not rushing to tie the knot.


Before meeting Holmboe, the actress was in a 13-year relationship with director Tim Burton, with whom she’s still good friends. Although they share 2 kids together, the couple never officially tied the knot and famously lived in adjacent houses. When asked if she’s considering marrying her current boyfriend, Bonham Carter cheekily pointed out, “I wasn’t married the first time.”

Women can be attractive at any age.

Lia Toby / WENN.com/agefotostock/East News

Bonham Carter believes that age doesn’t define beauty and that women shouldn’t give up on romance after they hit a certain age. “Collagen is not the only form of sexiness; there’s character, fun, mischief, and humor,” the actress says, adding that intimacy can survive as long as there’s laughter.

For her, being in a relationship after 50 is actually more lighthearted and enjoyable. “We’re so freed of the terror, there is no consequence, it’s all just for fun,” she concluded.

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