“He’s Got the Same Hair,” Couple Recreates Old Prom Pictures, Showing Their Timeless Bond

A couple recently went viral for recreating their old prom pictures, capturing the same youthful essence they had decades ago. This recreation not only highlights their enduring affection but also showcases how some things, like true love and a well-kept hairstyle, can remain constant despite the passage of time.

Patti creates content with her family.

Patti Avery Schmidt, the owner of a popular TikTok account with 1 Million followers, has captivated audiences with her heartfelt and relatable family content. As a mother of four, Patti’s videos often feature her three grown sons and her youngest, a vibrant “rainbow girl” born when Patti was 45. Through her TikTok, Patti showcases the unique and joyful dynamic of her family, emphasizing the special bond she shares with her daughter.

Patti’s TikTok account features heartwarming annual Halloween photos and videos where her grown sons reunite with their parents and little sister. These festive gatherings showcase the entire family’s dedication to themed costumes, often designed to complement and highlight the whimsical outfits of Patti’s young daughter.

She features her husband in most of her videos.

Schmidt often includes her husband in her TikTok videos. One particularly touching series involves the couple recreating old photographs, providing a poignant visual journey from their youthful days at 20 to their present selves at 53. These side-by-side comparisons not only highlight the passage of time but also emphasize the strength and continuity of their bond.

Recreating her prom pictures

In a recent viral sensation, Patti delighted her TikTok audience by recreating a prom picture with her husband. The video garnered an astonishing 29 million views and 3 million likes globally, riding the wave of a popular TikTok trend where users recreate their teenage photos. Patti’s heartfelt description said, “It was 80s prom theme at my SIL’s birthday party last weekend, and we recreated our ’looks’ from my 1988 senior prom.

Schmidt shared the creative process behind achieving their remarkably similar prom look. To replicate her husband’s 1988 hairstyle, she cleverly used hair extensions to simulate his longer hair from back then. Patti also revealed a surprising detail: while it appeared she was wearing the exact same gown in both the old and new photos, she actually found a different one that closely resembled her original prom dress.

The discussion in her comments

Admirers flooded the post with praise and lighthearted remarks, with many noting the uncanny resemblance between the past and present. Comments like “He’s got the same hair” and “I hope I age like her” showcased admiration for their timeless looks.

One user humorously pointed out, “Bro is COMMITTED to the hairstyle,” while another dubbed the couple “Literally 80s Ken and Barbie.” The attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed, with fans applauding, “You both NAILED the facial expressions 👏,” celebrating the couple’s dedication to perfectly recreating their prom memories.

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Preview photo credit pattiaveryschmidt / Tiktok


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