Hilary Duff Criticized for Eating Sushi While Pregnant

5 months ago

Pregnant Hilary Duff received criticism for sharing a video of herself enjoying sushi, which is usually not recommended during pregnancy. Her surprising sushi indulgence sparked mixed reactions online, with both support and disapproval from her followers. The criticism centered around worries about how it might affect the health of her unborn child, as consuming raw or undercooked fish can be harmful.

The actress recently announced on Instagram that she’s expecting her fourth child, sharing a photo of her baby bump. This will be her third child with husband Matthew Koma. Duff mentioned, “Been trying to hide this thing for a minute,” in the caption. Koma also shared the news on his Instagram, writing, “Baby #4 is loading...”

The couple already has a 4-year-old daughter named Banks and a 2-year-old daughter named Mae. Duff also has an 11-year-old son, Luca, from her previous marriage to Mike Comrie.

Expecting her second child with boyfriend Matthew Koma, Hilary Duff stirred up public controversy by posting an Instagram video of herself in close proximity to sushi. In the video, Duff and a friend toast each other while in robes, seated at a low table with plates of sushi and rolls. “Had the dreamiest of nights with this babe,” she wrote in the caption. Despite not knowing if she actually ate any raw fish, online critics still felt compelled to criticize her for potentially putting her unborn baby in jeopardy.

Many people commented that pregnant women shouldn’t eat sushi. “Veggie-only sushi, I hope. No sushi while pregnant,” one user wrote. “Wait, sushi when you’re pregnant?” another asked.

But some people supported Duff, pointing out that she likely understands that pregnant women are more likely to get food poisoning. “Gosh, let her eat! It’s probably just veggie sushi, she won’t do anything to hurt her baby,” another user wrote. “Enjoy your sushi and don’t let others steal this joy of you,” another follower commented.

It’s recommended not to eat sushi with raw or undercooked seafood during pregnancy because it can expose the baby to harmful substances. If you’ve just learned you’re pregnant and have had raw or undercooked sushi, don’t panic. Simply let your doctor know about your sushi consumption with raw fish. They can answer your questions and guide you on making safer food choices during pregnancy.

Hilary Duff gained attention in the past for revealing that she consumed her placenta in a smoothie. Although some might find the idea unappealing, Duff found it surprisingly tasty in smoothie form. She even turned some of her placenta into ice cubes to put in her drinks.


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