How 15 Celebrities Have Changed Since They Started Their Careers

4 years ago

We see our favorite celebrities every day on TV and don’t always notice how much they’ve changed little by little over the years. But sometimes we’re left feeling amazed at how an actor has changed after watching an old movie, for example. Time is fleeting which is why it’s so interesting to compare actors to how they looked then to how they appear now.

We at Bright Side have returned back from the past and found out what some celebrities looked liked when they first started their career.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

2. Lady Gaga

3. Beyoncé

4. Ryan Reynolds

5. Bradley Cooper

6. Uma Thurman

7. George Clooney

8. Victoria Beckham

9. Haley Joel Osment

10. Daniel Craig

11. Keanu Reeves

12. Blake Lively

13. Charlize Theron

14. Hugh Jackman

15. Jason Momoa

Which celebrity has changed the most? Do you have old pictures of yourself that show how much you’ve changed over the years? Please share your photos and stories with us!


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