How Makeup Fashion Is Going to Change in 2019 (It Seems That Men Will Really Like It)

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5 years ago

It appears that all fashion mongers have already found their perfect red lipstick, learned to contour like Kim Kardashian, and can draw a cat eye without even looking in the mirror. However, these skills won’t be useful in 2019 because there are other trends that are going to replace them this year and you’ll find them in this article. Spoiler: these changes will even appear in party makeup.

Bright Side found out which rules makeup masters are going to set in the new year and what girls who follow trends will have to reconsider in their look.

1. Blush instead of contouring

This is not the first year that makeup artists are trying to reject contouring in everyday life and the year 2019 will be another attempt to deny this popular trend. Blush that takes up the whole cheek is going to replace contouring, for now.

2. Makeup without makeup

The next change will be in textures. In the new year, dense makeup foundations will be replaced with semi-transparent ones. The motto of 2019 is “A more natural face!” and it’s actually exciting. Invisible makeup requires good and healthy skin which is why skincare cosmetics (not decorative ones) will get more recognition. In order to make eyes more expressive, makeup artists use a little trick — they choose a concealer 3 shades darker than the skin and apply it to eyelids instead of eyeshadow.

3. No lip augmentation

The shape of lips will go through a real revolution in 2019. Makeup artists are trying to enforce the idea that there is nothing wrong with being natural and there is no need to change your natural beauty with the help of cosmetics or a cosmetologist. That’s why the main focus in the upcoming year will be to stop going beyond the contour of your lips and using Ombre to get something called the “Angelina Jolie” effect.

4. Subtle radiance of the skin

The year 2018 was also a time for the excessive use of highlighters. Girls were creating fashionable highlights on the face that could almost be seen from space. The main trend of the upcoming year is promising to correct this situation and prioritize a “pure” face with a natural and healthy radiance.

5. Matte bright shadows instead of ones with the wet effect

The makeup of 2019 is not going to be boring, despite all previous rules. Do you remember the rule recommending that you highlight either your lips or your eyes? In the year 2019, it will be eyes. Bright matte eyeshadows on an otherwise “natural” face are going to become a new trend.

6. Casual makeup instead of “Instagram” makeup

You don’t need to draw precise and rigid lines to highlight facial features because the effect of “yesterday” makeup is now in fashion. Yesterday makeup is a little imperfect and not super-precise. Maybe makeup artists want to give more free time and the feeling of self-confidence to fashion mongers by implementing this rule.

7. Brown lipstick will take precedence

The brown lipstick that was popular in the 90s is making a comeback and leaving the wine, nude, and pink shades behind. Just like with red lipsticks, you’ll have to search for the color that will match your face tone.

8. Highlighting the lower lash line is back again.

Many of us remember times when cosmetic markets only had black, brown, and grey eyeliner. Now the collections from various cosmetic brands have all the colors of the rainbow, and a white or a beige eye pencil used to waterline the eyes is there in almost every cosmetic bag. In 2019, a forgotten trend, the highlighting of the lower lash line with a black or brown pencil is going to be back in fashion.

Bonus: Party makeup — 2019

Party makeup will have one main rule — keeping the face natural. The lips will be shimmering with the help of glitters, foil, metal lipsticks, and anything else that can make the lips visible and shining. Of course, the convenience of this makeup is debatable, but the look will be impressive for sure.

Which trends of the year 2019 are you going to adopt? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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