Steve Carell Talks Openly About the Time He Used to Be a Mailman

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Even though Steve Carell is best known for playing the hilarious lead character on the TV show, The Office, he is a very nice, generous person on top of that. His success hasn’t stopped him from living the modest and straightforward life he has always valued. Carell is undoubtedly a famous person whose story we love to share, as he has always managed to stay grounded while making the most of his fame.

He had a joyful and simple upbringing.

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Steve Carell has made a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s best comedic actors by deftly using his unique brand of surreal humor to produce memorable comedic performances. The actor, born in 1962 to a simple family, has always conducted a humble life.

His mother worked as a nurse, and his father as an electrical engineer, so they could both fund their son’s college education as well as a comfortable lifestyle. However, while keeping up with his studies, Carell was also financially providing for himself, taking different gigs in a wide range of fields.

Carell was once a rural mailman.

Prior to achieving the famed success he currently enjoys, Carell worked as a mailman in Littleton, Massachusetts, specifically as a rural mailman. We certainly would not have anticipated him taking on this type of work given how skilled an actor he is now. However, Carell put a lot of effort into his labor, going above and beyond to get the job done.

The actor was working at a time when there was no Internet and everything had to be done in person, and, as Carell acknowledged, “There were these big, heavy catalogs, and the mailman had to deliver them.”

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However, Carell was upfront about how inept he was as a mailman, and he only lasted 7 months. Nonetheless, his main task as a rural postman was to make deliveries in his own Toyota Corolla, driving with his left hand and left foot on the throttle and brakes, and his right hand flinging the mail out the passenger side window.

Doing that job wasn’t easy for the actor, and he claims, “that was the hardest job I ever had.”

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Carell went above and beyond in his profession as a mailman, making sure to cheer up the little kids who would send letters to Santa Claus during Christmas time when the post office would be jammed with them. Carell said, “I’d get little kids who’d address letters to Santa, and there was a special place at the post office that they responded to.”

Furthermore, the star was adamant about doing this for the children, thinking of himself as a child too. Thus, he would tell children that their letters were properly sent to Santa, and he revealed, “I would write a little handwritten note and say, ’Your letter to Santa Claus has been picked up by special reindeer courier.’ And I’d leave it in the mailbox.”

He continued, “It would also take me until 9 or 10 at night to deliver the mail because I was doing this stupid thing.”

But his real dream job was just around the corner.


Despite how much he adored making those kids happy, Carell was born to be someone else, to work in the entertainment world. The humble upbringing he had laid the groundwork for his extraordinary acting career, which includes movies like Foxcatcher, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Crazy Stupid Love, and Date Night.

But The Office is unquestionably the project in which Carell made the most of his talent and developed the iconic figure for whom he will be remembered. Carell performed magnificently as the character of Michael Scott, receiving several honors and awards throughout the run of the television series.

Carell has remained humble and helps those in need.

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While being one of Hollywood’s most well-known performers and the recipient of critical acclaim for his films, Carell has managed to maintain a sense of balance. The actor has always favored maintaining the status quo and refraining from extravagant spending. He once stated, “It’s not like I’m cheap, I just don’t see the need to overdo it.”

But one thing is certain: Carell never passes up an opportunity to do acts of kindness and help those in need. Along with being incredibly funny, Carell also wins people over with his giving spirit and goodwill. The famous celebrity contributes to 7 charities, like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and is a supporter of 11 causes.

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Carell is a genuine family man who is very down to earth. He and his wife Nancy have a simple life together with their children. Throughout his career, he’s never lost sight of his goal of always putting his loved ones first.

Indeed, after his breakthrough in the film industry and on The Office, he elected to take a step back. Carell revealed, “I just wanted to step back from it a little bit and spend a little bit more time with my kids who are still young and enjoy them while I can.”

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