How Teen Wolf Cast Changed During the Years

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It’s astonishing how quickly time has passed in recent years. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that 2011 was a whole 13 years ago, marking the release of the first Teen Wolf episode. While our beloved characters may seem timeless in our memories, a closer examination reveals how the passage of time has left its mark on them as well.

1. Scott McCall

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Scott McCall’s story starts with him as a regular high school student, unpopular among the other students, and was really bad at lacrosse. After being bitten by Alpha Peter Hale, Scott gained superhuman abilities turning him into a werewolf. Despite that, he always prioritized his humanity. With support from friends like Stiles Stilinski and girlfriend Allison Argent, he built a powerful pack, facing numerous adversaries including Hunters, a Darach, and Chimeras.

Tyler Garcia-Posey, who portrayed Scott, despite being an actor, is a musician as well. He gained early recognition for roles in television series and movies such as Collateral Damage and Maid in Manhattan. Posey starred as Scott McCall in the MTV series Teen Wolf from 2011 to 2017. He has also appeared in other TV series and films, including Truth or Dare and Scream. In 2023, he returned to the screen portraying Scott McCall once again in the Teen Wolf: The Movie, which basically gave the series a new ending.

In his personal life, Posey has been engaged twice. He was first engaged to Seana Gorlick in 2013, but the engagement was called off later that year. In 2022, Posey announced his engagement to singer Phem, and they got married in October 2023.

2. Stiles Stilinski

Stiles Stilinski, the son of police officer Noah Stilinski, is Scott McCall’s closest friend. Utilizing his investigative talents, Stiles aids Scott in navigating supernatural dangers. In Season 3, he falls victim to possession by a malevolent spirit, leading to criminal acts. Despite this, Stiles contributes significantly to overcoming adversaries such as Theo Raeken and the Desert Wolf, eventually reconciling with Scott.

Stiles Stilinski wasn’t supposed to be absent in Teen Wolf season 6. Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles, couldn’t be in it much because he was busy filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure and got hurt doing a stunt. Stiles also didn’t appear in Teen Wolf: The Movie because of what happened behind the scenes, not because the script didn’t include him. If Dylan had agreed, Stiles would’ve been in the movie. But he, along with Teen Wolf cast member Arden Cho, chose not to be part of it.

Dylan O’Brien also starred in The Maze Runner trilogy and films like Deepwater Horizon and American Assassin. O’Brien began acting after high school, initially considering sports broadcasting. He gained fame through YouTube videos before landing roles in TV and film. In 2016, he suffered serious injuries on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure but recovered and continued his career. O’Brien has appeared in various projects since, including Love and Monsters and Flashback, The Outfit, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Not Okay.

3. Derek Hale

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Derek Hale’s character lost his family during a fire in his home, in which the Argent’s were responsible, especially Kate Argent. Derek always protected Scott, and his mission was to find and stop the Alpha Werewolf responsible for biting Scott.

Later in the series, after becoming an Alpha, Derek formed his own pack, including Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes, and Vernon Boyd III. However, the pack faced challenges, with members dying or leaving. Derek eventually forfeited his Alpha status to heal Cora, returning to Beta status. He left town but returned to help Scott McCall and the pack in Season 6B.

Tyler Hoechlin’s most popular roles were Derek Hale on Teen Wolf and Superman in The CW’s Supergirl and Superman & Lois. He started his acting career as a child and became known for his role in Road to Perdition. Later, he appeared in films like Everybody Wants Some!! and Can You Keep a Secret?. Hoechlin’s diverse career also includes roles in movies like Fifty Shades Freed and Bigger. He returned to the role of Derek Hale for Teen Wolf: The Movie in 2023.

4. Allison Argent

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Scott and Allison’s first encounter was in the first episode at the high school. From a distance, Scott, with his new abilities, overheard Allison mentioning to her mother that she had forgotten a pen. Later, in class, he offered her a pen, sparking the beginning of their soon-to-be romantic relationship.

Allison Argent is a daughter hailing from a long line of Werewolf Hunters. She discovered her family legacy at seventeen and embraced her role as a skilled combatant. Following her mother’s death, Allison became the head of the Argent clan and redefined their code to protect all innocents, regardless of species.

Crystal Reed’s departure from Teen Wolf resulted in her character, Allison Argent, being killed off at the end of season 3. Allison’s death was a heartbreaking moment for fans, especially as her on-screen love interest, Scott McCall, had to witness her tragic demise. She sacrificed herself to save her friends from an Oni’s attack but returned to life fifteen years later through a ritual performed by her friends, for the Teen Wolf: The Movie in 2023.

Crystal Reed appeared in Gotham and in Swamp Thing. Her other credits include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

5. Lydia Martin

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Lydia Martin was Alison’s best friend. She possesses latent Banshee abilities inherited from her grandmother and has struggled to control them. Despite her passive powers, Lydia’s ability to sense imminent death has proven invaluable in battles. Over time, she has honed her skills, learning to use her voice as an offensive weapon, which will be presented in the movie as well.

Portrayed by Holland Roden, the actress is also recognized for Zoe Woods in Channel Zero. She also starred in Amazon Prime Video’s Lore and the horror film Follow Me.

Roden initially pursued a career in medicine, majoring in molecular biology and women’s studies at UCLA. Her acting career consists of various guest roles in TV series before landing her breakout role as Lydia Martin in Teen Wolf. Roden also starred in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions and The Re-Education of Molly Singer.

6. Liam Dunbar

In order to prevent Liam from dying, Scott gave him the Bite, turning him into a Werewolf and thus saving his life. This act also marked Liam’s transformation into a supernatural being and his induction into the world of the supernatural in Beacon Hills, which he struggled to enter and accept at first. Liam grew closer to his packmates, especially Scott and Stiles, and faced challenges such as manipulation by Theo Raeken.

Dylan Sprayberry, the actor portraying Liam, is best known for this role and as young Clark Kent in Man of Steel. His acting career consists of projects such as Light as a Feather, Vanished, Shuffle, Spooky Buddies, Cry of the Butterfly, and Angie: Lost Girls. Sprayberry is passionate about music and plays multiple instruments. He has cited punk rock as his favorite genre.

7. Malia Tate

Malia Tate was introduced in Season 3, but later becomes a main character. She is the daughter of Peter Hale and Corinne, inheriting her mother’s Werecoyote genes. After a tragic accident, she spends eight years in the form of a coyote until being discovered by Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. With their help, she returns to her human form and joins their pack.

Despite being an excellent actress, Shelley Hennig is a model as well. Hennig’s acting career began with her role as Stephanie Johnson in Days of Our Lives, for which she received Daytime Emmy Award nominations. She later appeared in The Secret Circle and portrayed Malia Tate in Teen Wolf, winning a Teen Choice Award for her performance. She has also appeared in films like Ouija, Unfriended, and When We First Met.

8. Peter Hale

© Teen Wolf / MGM Television and co-producer, Evan Agostini/Invision/East News

Peter Hale is Derek’s uncle and the biological father of Malia Tate. Peter was severely burned in the Hale House fire set by Kate Argent but survived in a coma, later stealing Laura’s Alpha power.

Resurrected by possessing Lydia Martin’s Banshee abilities, Peter manipulates Derek and Scott to build his pack for revenge. Despite his self-serving nature, Peter helps the McCall Pack fight against threats like Gerard Argent and Monroe’s army of Hunters. By the series’ end, he earns Scott’s trust as a valuable ally despite their past conflicts.

Ian Stuart Bohen, began his acting career in the early 1990s and has appeared in various TV shows and films since then. Being part of the Teen Wolf cast, portraying Peter Hale, has made him famous. He also appeared in AMC’s Mad Men and in recurring roles in other TV series such as Major Crimes, Superman & Lois, and Yellowstone. He also appeared in movies like Wind River and Sicario: Day of the Soldado. He portrayed Freddy Bhaer in the modern adaptation of Little Women, and later returned as Peter for the movie reunion.

9. Kira Yukimura

Unaware of her true nature at first, Kira Yukimura moves to Beacon Hills with her family, where she discovers her supernatural abilities. She is a Thunder Kitsune with control over electricity and foxfire. In Season 5, Kira’s Kitsune powers become overpowered due to a procedure by the Dread Doctors. Her inner Fox spirit begins to take control, leading to struggles to maintain balance. Seeking help, her mother takes her to Shiprock, New Mexico, to train with Skinwalkers.

Arden Cho is best known for her roles as Kira Yukimura and Ingrid Yun in Netflix’s Partner Track. She began her acting career, appearing in various films and TV shows, including Pretty Little Liars and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Outside of acting, Cho is a successful model, musician, and entrepreneur. A really cool fact about her is that she holds a black belt in taekwondo.

Arden Cho was offered a role in Teen Wolf: The Movie, but she was reportedly offered significantly less pay compared to her female costars. Feeling she deserved equal compensation, Cho decided to decline the role.

10. Theo Raeken

Theo Raeken was the first successful Chimera created by the Dread Doctors. His return to Beacon Hills was part of a calculated plan to infiltrate the McCall Pack, posing as a bitten Werewolf seeking acceptance. However, his true motive was to undermine Scott McCall and claim his Alpha powers. When his initial plan failed, Theo resurrected failed Chimeras to form his own pack.

Cody Christian is known for his roles in Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf. He stared as Asher Adams in the CW Network’s All American. Christian has also done voice acting, notably as Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He has been involved in raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research, inspired by his mother’s survival of the disease.

11. Melissa McCall

© Teen Wolf / MGM Television and co-producer, Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News

Melissa McCall was the mother of Scott McCall. Initially unaware of Scott’s Werewolf status, she learned the truth in Season 2 when Scott transformed to save her from a threat. Over time, she became an integral part of the McCall Pack, using her nursing expertise to aid them.

Melissa Ponzio’s most popular roles are Melissa McCall in Teen Wolf and Karen in The Walking Dead. She has also appeared in guest roles on various TV series and films, including Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill.

12. Isaac Lahey

Isaac Lahey was introduced in Teen Wolf’s second season, joining Derek Hale’s pack after consenting to the Bite. He remained loyal to Derek until the deaths of packmates Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd, which led him to align with Scott McCall’s pack. After Derek relinquished his Alpha powers, Isaac officially joined Scott’s pack as his Beta.

Daniel Andrew Sharman has been part of several projects, including The Originals, Fear the Walking Dead, Medici, and the Weeping Monk in Cursed.

13. Noah Stilinski

Sheriff Noah Stilinski, known simply as Sheriff or Stilinski was Stilles’s dad. Initially unaware of the supernatural world, he became an ally to his son and their friends after learning the truth in Season 3. Balancing his roles as Sheriff and «pack parent,» Stilinski has dedicated himself to protecting Beacon Hills from supernatural threats.

Clarence Linden Garnett Ashby III gained recognition for portraying Johnny Cage in the 1995 film Mortal Kombat. Ashby’s career began with roles in soap operas like Loving and later expanded to include appearances in various television shows and films, such as Purple Hearts, Prom Night, Iron Man 3, and Beta Test. He reprised his role as Sheriff Stilinski in the Teen Wolf reunion film released in 2023.

14. Mr. Argent

Chris Argent, known as Allison’s father, starts off as an antagonist as he’s a Werewolf Hunter. However, he later becomes an ally to the McCall Pack. After losing loved ones, including his daughter, to the supernatural world, he briefly steps away from hunting. But he returns to help fight supernatural threats, like the Ghost Riders and the Anuk-ite.

David Bourne, or professionally known as JR Bourne, is recognized for his roles in Somewhere Between and The 100. He’s earned two Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards for his acting in Canadian films and received nominations for Leo Awards. Some of his notable film roles include Benjamin Moss in Thir13en Ghosts, Bernie in Stuck, Bryce in Everything’s Gone Green, and Isaac in Mayans M.C.

15. Deputy Jordan Parrish

© Teen Wolf / MGM Television and co-producer, Fati Sadou/ABACAPRESS.COM/Abaca/East News

Jordan Parrish joined the series from Season 3 to Season 6. He starts as a deputy in the Beacon County Sheriff’s Station, but it’s revealed he’s not ordinary when he survives a fire unharmed. He’s a supernatural creature called a Hellhound, who protects against evil forces. He joins Scott’s pack and helps them battle various threats.

Ryan Jonathan Kelley gained recognition for his performance in Mean Creek, winning an Independent Spirit Award in 2004. Kelley has also appeared in Smallville, Letters from Iwo Jima, and Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy. He joined the cast of Teen Wolf in 2014 as Jordan Parrish, and later reprising it in the movie in 2023.

16. Jackson Whittemore

Jackson Whittemore started as a cocky high school lacrosse player dating Lydia Martin. Wanting Scott McCall’s powers, he pressured Scott into helping him become a Werewolf. Derek Hale eventually turned him into his first Beta, but Jackson turned into a Kanima instead due to his inner struggles, gaining lizard-like abilities.

Colton Haynes began as a model before moving into acting. He appeared in TV shows like Privileged and Pushing Daisies before gaining fame as Jackson in this series and Roy Harper in Arrow. He openly shared that he was gay after years of speculation. Haynes returned for the Teen Wolf reunion in 2023.

Many people feel happy when they watch or rewatch their favorite TV shows and movies every day. It’s like a habit we can’t resist. Now, with AI getting better, we can see what these characters would look like as cartoons. Don’t miss the opportunity to see what the Teen Wolf cast would look like in cartoon form!

Preview photo credit Teen Wolf / MGM Television and co-producer, NDZ/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News, Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS, Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News


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