How These 15 Foods Look Like in Different Countries

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Sizes and quantities of foods and beverages vary from country to country. For example, the United States is known to have bigger portions in restaurants and larger sizes in fast food chains. But it’s not just a matter of size, since the same brands taste or look different depending on the country — some of them truly surprised us.

Bright Side took a deep dive into the food market and found the differences between famous brands and products around the globe.

1. “American Froot Loops are different colors than Canadian Froot Loops.”

2. The average portion of medium fries at a UK McDonald’s is 99 g, while in Japan, it’s 135 g.

3. “USA Fanta vs UK Fanta”

4. Soda cup sizes differ in the US and Australia.

5. Breakfast in Rome, Italy, includes a coffee and a traditional maritozzo. In Norway, people eat very little for breakfast. Just some cheese or ham and some rye bread.

6. “The shape of the opening on Japanese (left) vs American (right) soda cans”

7. “American Sour Patch Kids are a tiny bit bigger than the Canadian ones.”

8. In Australian Starbucks, they serve rainbow bagels.

9. People in the Philippines eat rice burgers, and New Zealanders have the ability to enjoy a very pricey gold burger.

10. “Japanese v American Kikkoman soy sauce color”

11. Most of Europe loves bread and they have bakeries with fresh bread everywhere. In the USA, most bread products are mass produced.

12. There are many different tarts around the world. Italians serve torta pasqualina on Easter, while the Lebanese make meat pies stuffed with pine nuts.

13. Coffee also differs from country to country. Turkish coffee is boiled and has a creamy texture, while in Sweden, people add cheese to their coffee.

14. “An American Reese’s Cup (left) is smaller than the Korean Reese’s Cup (right). 15g vs 21g”

15. Ketchup tastes different around the world since people in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Venezuela like it a bit sweeter.

Have you noticed a flavor difference between products in your country and other places around the world?

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