I Am a Criminologist, and Here’re Situations When You Should ALWAYS LIE to Protect Yourself

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9 months ago

Dannah Eve is a woman from the US, and she’s a priceless expert for many people. The lady has degrees in psychology and criminology and in her TikTok and Instagram accounts she posts videos where she warns people against various situations that may happen to them in life, unless they are aware of some vital safety measures. This time, Dannah amassed a huge amount of viewers under her video about how lies in non-standard situations can actually save someone’s life.

We’re all taught that lies are bad, Dannah Eve agrees, but only partly.

Dannah Eve, a woman living in the US, is a certified criminologist who insists that telling lies sometimes can help you maintain your safety and even save your life. She warns people against ever telling to strangers that you have come alone to a public place because women who come alone make easy targets for criminals.

Dannah always encourages people to tell a lie or two about where they live, their family and relationship status, and whether or not anyone knows about their whereabouts. The woman also urged women to adapt a strong habit of saying “no” when someone asks them to share any kind of sensitive information.

Safety starts with acting out a proper behavior in public.

In one of her videos, Dannah described the things that make people (especially women) an easy target for criminals. She gave some practical advice on how to behave and how to act out the looks that would signal to a potential criminal that you’re a hard nut to crack for them. The criminologist mentioned that how you talk and how you carry yourself will play a crucial role in it.

Dannah urged people to keep 3 crucial things in mind while acting out a proper behavior in public. She emphasized that your stride, your posture and your awareness will help keep you safe. She advised to always walk with confidence and a purpose, showing with all your looks that you have things to do, places to go to, and people to see. She warned that a distracted person is a very easy target and urged people to make sure they never walk around with their heads buried in their phones.

Dannah added that always last but not the least, comes strong eye contact and acknowledgement. You should act up like you see someone, and you know that they’re there. The woman added that silence is never a friend when you find yourself in a scary situation. Silent people are good targets, so she urged people to be noisy when it’s needed. She wanted it to be drilled into people’s heads that bad guys never want a scene to be made.

Being safe also means knowing when to lie to people.

In a video that Dannah captioned “The Psychology Behind Lying For Your Safety”, the woman describes the situations when it’s vital to not tell the whole truth to people.

She explained that if you’re ever travelling or on vacation, and someone asks if you live alone, your answer must always be “no”. She explained it by the fact that you’d never want to put yourself in a situation where you could become an easy target, and a woman who is alone is very often perceived as a target.

One of the situations that Dannah mentioned was if you’re sitting at a bar having a drink, and some creepy guy comes to you and asks if you’re alone, you should say you’re meeting your boyfriend even if you’re single. The third situation imagined by Dannah was in the elevator. If somebody whom you don’t know asks if you live here, you should simply deny it. Dannah suggested telling the stranger that you’re visiting friends, or you’re just dropping a few things off for your male family members.

The list of situations when you must tell lies, is extended.

Dannah extended the list of situations with some more unexpected cases. One of them was a piece of advice about the case when an Uber or taxi drivers asks if they’re dropping you off at your home address. According to the criminologist, the best way to answer would be telling that you’re just going to a surprise party, or visiting friends, or having a get-together with your old friends.

Dannah proceeded with a tip on what to say if a stranger asks you if you’re new in town when you’re in an unfamiliar area. She suggested saying that you used to live down the street, or went to school in the next suburb over.

And here’s yet another useful safety tip from a travel expert that can save you from thieves.


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