Katie Holmes Reveals Her Secrets Behind Her Effortless and Ageless Beauty

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Katie Holmes is an inspiring woman who embraces her natural beauty. The actress, who is 44 years old, shared that at this stage of her life, she values inner beauty the most. As she puts it, her “joy comes from within.”

And we can’t agree more. The iconic actress is giving her perspective on aging with gratitude and sharing her skin care routine and beauty secrets. Let’s see what we have to learn from her today.

“I embrace my age with gratitude and I don’t worry about not having makeup on.”


Katie Holmes is often seen with a fresh-faced, natural look that many people admire. She opened up about her approach to beauty and her skincare routine. The actress emphasized the importance of inner beauty and wellness, which she believes is the key to radiating beauty from the inside out.

Self-care is vital at any age.

Holmes joins the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner in prioritizing skin care and maintaining a balanced diet for overall health. Holmes revealed her skin care regimen, starting with her lifestyle habits: “I drink a lot of water and try to eat a lot of vegetables to keep my skin as healthy as possible.”

Gregorio T. Binuya/Everett Collection/EAST NEWS

Then she got into products, explaining, “I take care of my skin by cleaning it every morning and evening, [and] wearing a lot of hyaluronic [acid] serum and moisturizer.” And what does she do when she needs to go out, you ask? “When I leave the house, I make sure I’m wearing sunscreen and a lip gloss,” Holmes stated.

While the actress prioritizes her skin care, she has something to say to her sisters.

Holmes usually keeps her life relatively private, but one day, she shared a throwback photo of her smiling with her 3 sisters, Nancy, Holly, and Tamera. She is so thankful she has “3 older sisters who taught me how to wear makeup.” Now, when she gets ready for her day, Holmes simplifies her daily preparation routine. Because, why not?

She also has a favorite doc.

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

Holmes is a beloved user of the celebrity-favored Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare brand. “I am a big fan of Dr. Sturm. I regularly get [her] facials and use her products,” she stated.

In one of her previous interviews, she revealed her specific Dr. Barbara Sturm regimen, calling her “beauty splurge” a facial at one of the brand’s clinics. She also regularly uses the hyaluronic serum, brightening serum, and face cream from the line.


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