I Found Out That My Boyfriend of 2 Years Is Married and Has Kids, and Here’s My Revenge Plan

7 months ago

Romantic relationship between people sometimes may take a really crazy turn. Such a thing happened to one woman, who discovered that her already long-time partner has a wife and kids. The unsuspecting woman was absolutely shocked after her discovery, but very soon her mind prompted her a tricky revenge, and she took to Reddit to talk about it.

The woman’s discovery took the ground from under her feet.

A woman, who took the nickname Throw_awayP9767, turned to Reddit to pour out her soul about a case that happened to her in her seemingly flawless relationship. She started her post with the explanation that she chose another nickname because she didn’t even want her followers to see the post.

She then continued with describing her relationship with a guy, named Adam, who was 32 years old at the time of the post. The woman explained that she’d been dating Adam for 2 years already, and their relationship was partly on the distance. Adam lived in another town and came to visit her on weekends.

The woman never had a chance to meet Adam’s family or friends, or even visit his town. The only thing she knew about him was that he worked in a church and took pride in it.

One day, she made a discovery that completely shattered her world. The woman found out that her boyfriend is actually married and has 2 kids. She was totally devastated and in a state of disbelief. But most of all, she confessed that she was mad, especially after she confirmed her discovery via his wife’s social media account.

The woman has a plan on how to deal with the big lie.

The deceived woman told that she and her boyfriend were still talking, and she hasn’t broken up with him yet. Instead of making quick decisions, the lady had a plan on how to deal with this trouble.

She revealed that she has planned and decided to show herself to his family on Sunday at his church and let them know that he used her and took advantage. Then she planned on ending it right there and then. She confessed that she was writing the post while staying in his town at a hotel, and she was going to do this the following day.

She wrote, “He’s still texting me lies thinking that I’m stupid or ignorant. I feel terrible but something’s pushing me to do this. I just feel like I need to get my respect and dignity back after being lied to and fooled for 2 years.”

The lady has got various reactions from Reddit users.

The reactions of the users were quite controversial, with many supporting the disappointed woman and thinking that her plan was worth trying. But some people were not so optimistic about the woman’s actions, advising her to talk to the wife directly, without involving the kids into it.

Many users wrote how they simply couldn’t believe that the relationship could last for 2 years, without the woman knowing that her man has a family. Some users wrote that they by no means would do it publicly and talk privately about all matters, trying to solve the situation without drama.

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