I Refused to Let My Wife Give Our Kid a Weird Name and She Stopped Talking to Me

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8 months ago

One of the most significant decisions a couple has to make is choosing a name for their child. Sometimes, such a seemingly simple discussion can escalate into a heated argument that may even lead you to question your relationship. One of our readers shared his problem with us. He encountered this exact scenario when he refused to let his wife give their child what he considered a “weird” name.

One of our readers shared his story with us.

Thank you for being open about your experience and for reaching out to us with your concern. We’ve compiled some tips that might be relevant to your situation, and we hope they will help you.

Find a name that will appeal to both of you.

A name that one of the partners doesn’t like shouldn’t be chosen. It’s important to find a compromise. It is quite selfish to decide on a kid’s name without considering your partner’s opinion. If your wife can’t compromise on a reasonable name, she might not even be mature enough for motherhood.

There are so many names, and it’s possible to find at least one great fit for your son. Choosing a name isn’t about winning, but about finding a name that both of you like.

She might be overreacting.

The fact that your wife left over such a minor thing might be a form of manipulation. She might be overreacting because of the baby brain or hormones. Your wife might realize her mistake later when her mood and hormones go back to normal.

Nevertheless, it’s a red flag in your relationship that you shouldn’t ignore. It’s important to talk it out openly and honestly, running away isn’t how problems should be resolved.

Don’t settle.

You don’t want your son to be teased at school, so make sure your wife doesn’t put the name down on the birth certificate. Try to let her know that your son might have issues not only at school, but at work and other places as well.

He might avoid some social situations where his name gets called out, think about ordering a coffee, for example! Being forced to grow up with a weird name might discourage your son from doing a lot of things. Besides, you don’t want him to resent you for your “creativity”.

Show her other people’s opinion.

Ask your relatives and friends for their opinion about the name right in front of your wife. Don’t tell them that it was your wife’s idea, so they truly express their opinion impartially. Your wife might have difficulty seeing things from a different perspective.

She’s probably attached to this idea due to her old memories. Once she realizes how many people are on your side, she might be more open to reconsidering.

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