My Boyfriend Got Mad at Me Because I Threw Away a Used Pad in Our Bathroom

9 months ago

There are many ups and downs when it comes to relationships. Sometimes innocent things can provoke a lot of negative reaction in our loved ones. It takes us aback, and we have no idea how to proceed. Just like our reader was completely stunned after her boyfriend was grossed out by such a natural thing as periods. She turned to us for help and shared the details of her story with us.

One of our readers asked us for advice.

Thank you for opening up about your experience and trusting your problem to us! We have some possible solutions and tips on what you can do in this situation, we hope you’ll find them useful.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You are a woman, and periods are normal. It’s your biology, and it’s something you can’t control. Period is not the time of the month when women should isolate themselves and feel guilty of their natural bodily functions. Besides, garbage belongs in the trash can, you can’t and shouldn’t keep a used pad in your drawer. You did nothing wrong and your boyfriend definitely overreacted.

Rethink the relationship.

You might want to consider finding someone more mature. Imagine what would happen if he had daughters, or you were pregnant and your waters broke. Perhaps it’s better to find a caring man who won’t be grossed out by women’s bodies. It might be a good idea to find a partner who will support you during this time. For example, by buying you pads or bringing you pants when you leak.

Let him know about your feelings.

If you’re not ready to break up with your boyfriend, you might try and give him a second chance. Let him know that you want an apology. If he refuses to say sorry, then it will mean that he still thinks you’re to blame. His suggestion to keep the used pads in your drawer was selfish and is what actually should be called “disgusting”. You carefully disposed your pads and didn’t make any mess, he shouldn’t blame you.

Think about other women who might hang out with you.

Imagine you have a guest who is menstruating. Your partner will throw a wobbly, or, worst-case scenario, will force them to put their used hygiene products in their luggage. You’ll end up between a rock and a hard place. Your friends will be offended, and your boyfriend will be unreasonably furious again. You’ll risk losing your friendships if you keep dating such a man.

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Seriously? Get rid of this idiot faster than fast. If he is over the age of consent and is still this ignorant, not to mention mean?? Run!!!


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