I Want My Parents to Live in My Garage or a Nursing Home, Not Sorry for This

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7 months ago

All of us will inevitably get old, and then we’ll probably need care and support from either our friends, or our relatives. Most often, the help is expected to come from our own children, who will have been all grown up by that time. However, these adult children may have a plenty of their own problems, and won’t help us by sacrificing their own comfort. Just like it happened with a woman, who took to Reddit to share her controversial story that can easily become a topic for a heated debate.

The woman took to Reddit with her very complex life situation.

The author of the post is a widow, who lives with her dogs in her forever home. Her kids are grown up, and she now has no more life obligations and can totally dedicate time to herself.

The woman revealed that she converted her garage into a quite nice and legal guest house. It was done for the occasions when her kids come to pay her a visit and the garage totally has everything that a person might need for a comfortable living. The woman wrote that it has even an independent washroom and a kitchen.

The author’s parents have recently asked her if it was possible that they would move in with her. She, in her turn, agreed and even talked to her kids to let them know that if they came for a visit the garage was taken, so they would have to stay in the house.

When the appointed day came, the woman’s parents showed up and the kids also came with their families to help get them accommodated. And they actually had already arranged a hotel for one family, so the whole house would not be crowded. And at this very moment the things began escalating.

The situation got tougher in counted minutes.

The woman continues her story, and it can be seen that she’s getting more and more emotional about things. She wrote that they started moving her parents’ belongings to the garage, that was fully prepared for accommodating people. But her parents seemed to be extremely confused as to why they were moving their stuff into the place they totally didn’t expect to live in. She explained to them that was where they were staying and that the garage is fully equipped and renovated.

The woman says she was puzzled to hear that her parents actually thought they could move into her house since she had five bedrooms. She explained that she actually had only two bedrooms since one room served as her office where she consulted her clients. The second was her private office, and one was her hobby room. The spare bedroom actually was mostly for the woman’s mutts.

The whole situation now seems to have no proper solution.

The woman’s parents absolutely insisted that they would live in the house. They disagreed even with a thought of them living in the garage. But their daughter felt like it was a take it or leave it situation. The woman assumed that if they didn’t want the garage they could move into a nursing home or something.

Now, she says, her parents are upset that they are living in the garage. But she herself positions it as a RENT FREE living in a private guest house that is fully up to code.

And here’s yet another complicated family story, told by a woman, whose husband refuses to send his mom to a nursing home.


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